Internet Safety Talks for Teens

Internet Safety Talks for Teens

Online or in Person!

St Brendans, Birr

Spoke to all years & Parents

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Great Speakers, Students really enjoyed talks!

Mr C. Considine, Fmr Headmaster, Millfield School
internet safety talks

Kilkenny College, Kilkenny

Sexting, Online Reputation, Data privacy

cyber safety talks

Youthreach, Pleasant Street, D8.

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St Josephs of Cluny, Killiney, Co Dublin

Sexting, Snapchat, Online Reputation

E Safety talk

The Feedback was fantastic.

Nastasha Drew, Blackrock College, Co Dublin

Social Media, Online Etiquette.

Internet Safety Talks for Teens

Secondary schools are a minefield for cyberbullying and negative online interactions.

We explain these issues and the impact they can have on Teens in an accessible, frank and realistic way.

Online digital presence is the key to your older student's future, it needs to be managed accordingly. Our internet safety talks help teens understand the importance of their online reputation and maintain positive online interactions. 

What do our Internet Safety Talks entail?

Our internet safety talks for teens are age appropriate - we speak to:

The World Health Organisation estimates that up to 92% of all internet chatter is positive and re-enforces good behavioural norms. We focus on the remaining 8%, for example, the myths;

  • 'Oh, but Mum, everyone sexts, all my friends do it'. 
  • Is ok for me to game with strangers on public servers as a 13 year old
  • Nobody cares about online reputation

Over the years, one theme has remained constant - how little students understand about the internet and its magnitude.

COVID-19 Update - January 2022

Reluctantly, we are only offering Zoom based talks based on medical advice.   

Senior School Talks for Teachers, Parents

We also do talks for parents, Teachers and PTAs. We cover health professionals, corporate, charities. Clients include US Army, Google and UNICEF. If you are a parent anywhere looking for a specific talk about the impact of phones on Kids and teens. 

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Explosive growth in TikTok.

During COVID-19 TikTok grew explosively and finally has offices in London, Dublin, Berlin and Istanbul. TikTok is a victim of its own popularity, which means weirdos, perverts, now flock there to groom kids and others. TikTok support.

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BeSecureOnline - Internet Safety Talks for Teens

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Your Talk was amazing.

Natasha Drew Blackrock College, Co Dublin

Straightforward, direct. One of the very best speakers, we have had the privelegde to invite.

Conor Berry, Deputy Principal Enniscorthy Vocational College, Co Wexford

Great speakers, Students really enjoyed the talks.

Craig Considine Fmr Headmaster, Millfield College, Somerset

We appreciated your discussions with our community. Parents and I thought you were engaging; it became apparent when we unmuted our mics, for everyone to share their gratitude. It has since made me consider many more app settings. We will look into sustaining such practical cybersecurity discussions at our school, in a practical and matter-of-fact manner during our co-curricular space. I would be more than happy to give you a recommendation for your services, as requested. With appreciation for your engagement, and until next time.

Viktor Novakovski, Secondary PrincipalAmerican International School of Bucharest


Cyber Safety Talks

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