Internet Safety Talks for Teens

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internet safety talks

Kilkenny College, Kilkenny

Sexting, Online Reputation, Data privacy

cyber safety talks

Youthreach, Pleasant Street, D8.

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internet safety talks

Coláiste Eoin, Booterstown, Co Dublin

13-15 year olds, Sexting, Legals, Police, Snapchat, Copping On.

E Safety talk

The Feedback was fantastic.

Nastasha Drew, Blackrock College, Co Dublin

Social Media, Online Etiquette.

Internet Safety Talks for Teens 

Senior Schools Secondary School talks for SNAs, Teachers & Parents 

Internet safety, Cyberbullying, Sexting, Wellbeing, Social Media Behaviour and Online Reputation are real issues affecting the youth of today. Secondary schools are a minefield for cyberbullying and negative online interactions. It's vital that these issues and the impact they have on both others and themselves are explained to Teens in an accessible, frank and realistic manner.

Online digital presence is the key to your older student's future and it needs to be managed accordingly. Our internet safety talks are aimed at helping teens understand the importance of their online reputation and how to maintain positive online interaction. 

What do our Internet Safety Talks entail?

For young 13, 14, and 15 year old teenagers, we concentrate on internet safety, online bullying, internet privacy and sexting, and deliver the pitfalls of each in a manner that is easy to comprehend and relate to.

The World Health Organisation estimates that up to 95% of all internet chatter is positive and re-enforces good behavioural norms, however, the remaining 5% is where negative online interactions feature. Our internet safety talks aim to eliminate the remaining 5% by empowering youth with the information they need in order to make better decisions online.

Over the years one theme has remained constant - how little students actually understand about the internet and its magnitude.

Internet Safety Talks for Teens Senior Schools

Say NO to Sexting!

You will be able to hear a pin drop when we put teens in the picture on sexting and what it really looks like if pictures and videos are freely shared by friends.

We explain why they need to think clearly, limit their vulnerability and be very careful about ever agreeing to being filmed. We make the criminal aspect of filming, sharing, uploading etc. very clear!

A brief outline of this topic includes:

  • Trading, sending, swapping pics online is a crime
  • Taking and storing a sext on a phone is a crime
  • Dissemination, distribution, sharing of adult content is a criminal offence
  • Age of consent, assualt, one photo on your phone 
  • All of the above is criminal including any adult themed photos on phone.
  • Police entitled to look (and not return) Phone & they will check out all the phones, devices at home
  • Students need to realise the criminal, social, moral limits, We'll explain clearly


Feedback from the students was great! I've enclosed copy of the feedback review.

Blackrock College

Natasha DrewBlackrock College



Internet Safety

1st & 2nd Year (12-14 years old)

We chat to 1st & 2nd years about the following internet safety topics, social media platforms and how to stay safe online.

  • Cyberbullying - How to avoid online bullying and protect yourself from cyberbullies, and how to report cyberbullying.
  • Snapchat, Sarahah, Snapmaps - We explain the dangers and serious consequences of each of these platforms.
    • Snapchat deletions - Our talks bring light to many of the misbeliefs teens have about their online safety and privacy.
    • What exactly is the law - Is 13 street legal on Snapchat?
    • Why Snapchat is essentially 
  • We encourage positive interaction and online accountability - People using their real names, bully less.
  • We discuss some hard hitting relevant consequences of social media and how to manage online prescence with these in mind.
  • Sexting - We explain the consequences and the lifelong impact of sending nude images to others.
  • Police involvement - When, how, why would they get involved.

Online Safety (14-16 years old)

3rd & 4th Year

As teens get older they are faced with more and more online safety issues. Our goal is explain the following topics so that they are prepared for what their online activity may present.

Teens enjoy being spoken to as young adults (which they are) and our internet safety talks for teens engage with students on a more casual yet serious level.

  • Sexting, Dating Apps - How to ensure their privacy settings are secure and the real consequences of insufficient security settings.
  • Real life social media consequences - how to avoid being part of the often shameful "gone viral" obsession.
  • How to build positivity online using SnapChat & Instagram
  • Why less is more - 3,000 friends online leaves room for bullying - Keep your target at 200 friends

Internet Safety Talks for Teens Senior Schools

Hi Ms.Drew,
Graham Mulhern's talk was very insightful and applicable. He gave us a great talk on Cyber Awareness/Etiquette how to handle ourselves in our online lives and on social media He knew what he was talking about and really engaged the crowd. It was an overall great talk.


2nd Year Student, Blackrock College, Co. Dublin.

"I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Graham for his online safety talks. He visited Larkin Community College in April this year and made a great impression on our students, teachers and parents. It is so important that young people are made aware of the dangers of posting information about themselves online, for anyone to view. It's also necessary for adults to know what their children are accessing 24/7. I hope to bring him back to our school in the near future."

Michelle Toohey, Guidance Counsellor Larkins Library, Dublin 1








Internet Safety

5th & 6th Year (16-19 years old)

Online reputation is a major part of any talk to 5th and 6th years. During our talk we explain the consequences of failing to manage their online reputation in terms of jobs, college, part-time jobs and sports life (Ever heard of a County Manager selecting a kid who boasts about #drinking on Instagram? neither have we!).

An internet safety talk and online reputation talk to this age group is one of the most challenging audiences there is, however we have managed to hone a presentation based on realities, growing up and their responsibilties. We bring home the consequences of phone addiction, making practical suggestion to help in getting jobs, managing social media, how Google, Facebook and social media see them as a result.  It's a very effective blunt talk. We will still remind this audience there is no place for mistreating others online and tell them there's still plenty of people to talk too if they are bening mistreated online.

We use numerous references of footballers, sports, movie and entertainment stars. Additionally, we cover the following topics:

  • Sexting, Picture, Learning to say No
  • Building an Online Reputation and how it's done
  • Developing posting habits for life after school
  • Phone Etiquette, what does the way you hold your phone say about you
  • Data privacy, Protecting yourself online
  • Online Reputation for Jobs, College, Life,Sports

Trending topics

Instagram is on the up,
Snapchat is fighting back to make up lost ground
Sarahah, Yubo, Tinder
Online Reputation.

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Internet Safety - Building The Right Online Reputation


It’s all about building a real digital presence, an online reputation that embraces the best practices of internet safety - building an online presence that lets you take advantage of the internet and not let the internet take advantage of you.

It’s just like life, it requires discipline to build it properly and yet you can still have the best fun.

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Parental Control Software - What is it and why do you need it?


Parental control software is your right-hand man when it comes to internet safety. It allows you to monitor, control and limit your child’s online activity, keeping them safe and secure online.

Most devices come with parental controls, but these can be easily disabled.

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Internet Safety - France bans Cellphones in Schools for ages 6 -15


It’s no longer a request, France is officially banning the use of phones in schools for children aged 6 – 15 from September 2018.

Presidents Macron and especially his wife Brigitte, a former teacher herself are particularly eager to see this law enforced.

The proposed ban was a key part of his presidential campaign. So there’s a good chance it will receive international support when it comes into full force.

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Let’s face it, the internet can be a nasty place


Between predators, malware, explicit content, and other less than well intended content, kids don’t have much of a chance of escaping the worst the internet has to offer. 

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Fortnite - Should I be worried about my child's internet safety?


The rise and rise again of Fortnite has been extraordinary, hardly heard of a year ago, it’s now on the lips of every child in the world.

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Roblox, the latest gaming fad online - Internet Safety


We are hearing from a lot of Customers, Parents, Teachers and Schools about kids on Roblox. Should parents ban it in the home? etc.

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PR Stunt from Facebook as they up age for WhatsApp to 16


Just announced from Facebook who own Instagram and Whatsapp a new age limit of 16 for European Whatsapp users. 

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Internet Safety Talks

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