Internet Safety Talks for Teens

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St Brendans, Birr

Spoke to all years & Parents

internet safety talks sexting

Great Speakers, Students really enjoyed talks!

Mr C. Considine, Fmr Headmaster, Millfield School
internet safety talks

Kilkenny College, Kilkenny

Sexting, Online Reputation, Data privacy

cyber safety talks

Youthreach, Pleasant Street, D8.

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St Josephs of Cluny, Killiney, Co Dublin

Sexting, Snapchat, Online Reputation

E Safety talk

The Feedback was fantastic.

Nastasha Drew, Blackrock College, Co Dublin

Social Media, Online Etiquette.

Internet Safety Talks for Teens

Senior School Talks for SNAs, Teachers & Parents 

Internet safety, Cyberbullying, Sexting, Wellbeing, Social Media Behaviour and Online Reputation are real issues affecting the youth of today. Secondary schools are a minefield for cyberbullying and negative online interactions. It's vital that these issues and the impact they can have is explained to Teens in an accessible, frank and realistic manner. Booking enquiry

Online digital presence is the key to your older student's future and it needs to be managed accordingly. Our internet safety talks are aimed at helping teens understand the importance of their online reputation and how to maintain positive online interaction. 

What do our Internet Safety Talks entail?

Our internet safety talks for teens are age appropriate - we speak to:

We concentrate on internet safety, online bullying, internet privacy and sexting, and deliver the pitfalls of each in a manner that is easy to comprehend and relate to.

The World Health Organisation estimates that up to 95% of all internet chatter is positive and re-enforces good behavioural norms, however, the remaining 5% is where negative online interactions feature. Our internet safety talks aim to eliminate the remaining 5% by empowering youth with the information they need in order to make better decisions online.

Over the years one theme has remained constant - how little students actually understand about the internet and its magnitude.

Some of the trending topics:

Explosive growth in TikTok.

Since summer of 2019 and into spring 2019, the use of TikTok has continued to grow. The Sun Newspaper online version printed no fewer than 20 articles in one week calling for them to base a office in Europe, respond to user complaints, and moderate content like Instagram. One thing is for it is not anymore, and its new popularity means that weirdos, perverts now flock there to groom kids. The problem with TikTok.

BeSecureOnline - Internet Safety Talks for Teens

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Testimonials The Mendip School, Somerset.

Graham was able to quickly tailor his talks to the needs of the classes and was able to gauge the direction and content needed as the sessions progressed. Graham spoke very honestly to the children, showing them the seriousness around Online Safety and the implications it will have on their potential futures. He was able to talk the students on their level without seeming like he was trying to be 'cool' and could use references that were relevant to the students.
Jake Godfrey | The Mendip School | December 2019 | email

Enniscorthy Secondary, Wexford.

Direct, powerful, one of the best spakers we have had the priviledge to invite to the School.
Conor Berry | Deputy Principal | December 2019 | Letter

Blackrock College, Co Dublin.

The feedback was fantastic
Natasha Drew | Careers Office | December 2018 | Email


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