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Parental Control

Protect  your Kids online 

  • Installation Service available ✓
  • Time Limits for Kids 30 mins per day on Phone ✓
  • Block Apps, Websites ✓
  • Protect every kid differently ✓
Whats in it for Parents?

1. More Exercise
2. Eat properly
3. Enjoy the great outdoors
4. Read
5. Experts say ‘sitting is the new smoking’

Easy to Use

We have to learn to take advantage of the internet, and not let it take advantage of us. So, let’s talk about how to protect your kids online! 



For Kids


Protects Kids Online

Parental Control
Set up each of your Kids 
Limit time, Set Bedtimes, Block scary Sites
Only let kids use devices for 30 mins a day
Includes – Banking Protection, Anti Virus Service, 
Whats in it for you?
Kids who behave better
Kids that exercise more, sleep, eat better.
Kids that do as asked
Kids who study better, doing better in school
Kids who don’t get bullied online
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Parental Control Guidebook, Pre Release Offers & Tips


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