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BeSecureOnline provides a number of Services and Products designed to make the internet safer and more secure for Families and Businesses.

Primary school children and teens are especially vulnerable to cyberbullying, exploitation and abuse via social media apps. Online security software applications and products recommended by BeSecureOnline are designed to protect your children.

BeSecureOnline provides Online Safety Talks for Primary and Senior Schools, Businesses and Senior Citizens as well as extensive media speaking engagements.

Based in Ireland and the United Kingdom, BeSecureOnline provides access to iKydz, F Secure SAFE, FREEDOME VPN, AVG and BitDefender products.


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[Title]Roblox, the latest gaming fad online

We are hearing from a lot of Customers, Parents, Teachers and Schools about kids on Roblox and what do you think for example should parents ban it in the home? etc.

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Posted by Graham Mulhern on Tuesday, May 15, 2018 Views: 96


[Title]Online Safety and Security Tips for the Elderly

The online world's a great place. With the right tools you can keep it that way. But you need to develop a sixth sense for detecting the very real threat of scammers, phishing and fraud.

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Posted by Graham Mulhern on Saturday, April 28, 2018 Views: 67