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Every year we speak to over 1,200 parents about Parental Control on Phones, iPads and laptops. Here's what you said. Below we list what you get out of parental control.

Block Apps, Games
Daily Time Limits
Age Sensitive
Easy to Use, Support Available

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We find the best suppliers, we only work with the best, producing the best products. Products that provide the security you require. We don't work with providers who just discount. We value our name, that people rely on our recommendations when buying, knowing that we have tested, checked, verified that it works as advertised. We only work with the best which is guarantee of satisfaction

Working with lots of suppliers one of the features we still like a lot is Bitdefenders 'Mum, I am home' button on her phone. One-touch tells you he/she is home. Nice!

Most Demanded Features:
1. Time Limits | Parents want an easy way to limit device usage on a daily basis for example 90 mins on a weekday & 2 hours on the weekend
2. Protection from inappropriate Games, Apps or Sites.
3. Easy to use, easy to install on all home devices and have different features for Kids of different ages.
4. And a lot more besides.

Everything you need to know about looking after kids online!

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July Top Sellers

Real Service, Real People, Many items cheaper than Amazon.

USB Data Blocker

WC Data Blocker

  • Fits into any USB port ✓
  • Safe charging for laptops & laptops ✓
  • Phones & smartphones ✓
  • Tablets or other devices ✓

Data blocker is installed internally. Filtering incoming data and only routing power through the device. Quick and safe, no delay during power up. 


The USB Blocker only conducts power and cuts off the data lines. The innovative security mechanism prevents unwanted data exchange.



AVG. 1 Seller

AVG Ulmitate

May Best Seller

AVG Internet Security,
AVG Antivirus for Android,
AVG Antivirus for Mac
and AVG Zen – allowing you to keep tabs on your devices all in one place
Real Prices, Real licenses
Supporting jobs in Europe
We buy our licenses from AVG, AVAST
Award winning support based in Europe
BeSecureOnline is a multi award winning UK Ireland based Vendor
With AVG, users experience 24/7 support both online and telephonically. Their support page is easy to navigate and offers helpful information immediately.AVG Internet Security,
AVG Antivirus for Android,
AVG Antivirus for Mac
and AVG Zen – allowing you to keep tabs on your devices all in one place.

Freedome VPN

'Super Easy to use' Wired


WATCH BBC iPlayer.

Change your virtual location and you won't see the text "this video/​service/​website is unavailable in your country" again. 

Financial Times 'Freedome is Best VPN'

No traffic logging, Watch BBC iPlayer, ITV worldwide. 4/5 Star Reviews. Ideal for Phones, holidays, travel. Freedome is from F-Secure, the publically quoted Finnish security company, not some little known Chinese, US, Russian private company.


If you travel in these countries then you must use a VPN. Worried about others hacking you and stealing your data. Tool up with a VPN and protect yourself.  Don't leave home without it. 


WebCam Cover

Black or White from €4.90

Best Selling Webcam Cover  
Ultra Thin Design Webcam Privacy Cover
Fits PCs, iMac, MacBook, iPad, iPhones, Smartphones,
Strong Adhesive 

Cheaper than Amazon ✅

Single Pack €4.90 | 3 Pack €9.90 | Family 5 Pack €14.90

Keeps Online Life Private ✅ 

Easy to Install | Easy to User | Durable

Stop Weirdos, Perverts, Spys. ✅

Parental Controls on Devices What Parents get!

Better Results in School
Sleep Better
Better behaved
Less argumentative

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