Internship for cyber security

What can you do to build internet safety?

volunteeting with besecureonine

Internet safety for all - Volunteer to help on our website, talks, social media

Help us build internet safety and digital health for everyone

  • Write website content
  • Support, educate and engage young people for internet safety, device & gaming addiction
  • Like making videos/podcasts or working with friends on big important issues?
  • Aged 16-30
  • Want to make a real difference in someone's life, who may be addiction to online gaming, or their phone ?

Volunteering with us @BeSecureOnline, maybe for you!

We provide a platform for the views, experiences, and opinions of young people across Ireland. The volunteering opportunities focus on skills, experiences and topical issues that interest you and that you think will help and support other young people. We will support you with feedback, training and access to opportunities. Fill in the below forms and our youth participation team will be in touch with you.

See how you might help below or suggest something new to us.

Max the Content

We want to do more on social media. Can you send in, produce, bring new ideas for sharing? For Instagram, Twitter, YouTube or Twitter. Obviously, guidelines apply.

  • Send us what you got anytime, from anywhere. 
  • Please follow our submission guidelines for information on content we like. 

Proof reading 

We want all content to be interesting and engaging. We can't post any content written until it’s clear, understandable and on point. Sign-up to be a proofreader. We will let you know when we have something for you to review and improve. No prior knowledge about the topics required.


volunteeting with besecureonine

Yes, we even speak to Teenagers about online safety, social media, sexting, online reputation

Online Safety Speaker

Join our speaking team for Schools, PTAs. We are looking for people who want to help others understand. We deliver these talks in person and online. Training will be provided. Content notes, slides and themes will be prepared for you. We speak to Primary, Secondary, Teachers Parents & 3rd Level colleges.  We have ideas and a philosphy which will change lives.

Online Safety Speaker: Apply now

Other volunteering options

If none of those volunteering options appeal to you, get in touch with about other volunteering options.

We’re always looking for young people who are interested in:

  • School Talks
  • Parents Evenings
  • Fund raising
  • Working on the website
  • Help at Events

Love Social Media

We need help on social media!


  • I'd love to help - Here's my details


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Make sure your organisation's emails are received as sent, not changed by criminals, or interfered with in any way. So your customers, suppliers, partners and employees never get an email you did not send. Defending your email integrity, and sender reputation every day


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