Cyber Security Talks for Business

Cyber Security Talks for Business

Wellbeing, Phone Addiction, Lost Productivity, Work Distraction

Excellent Speakers, very effective. Thoroughly informative, one of the best Speakers ever invited. Spoke to our World Cup squad about the online threats in Russia. Delivery was perfect, concise, interesting and really informative. The Manager, Gareth was especially happy as he really didn't want any issues with players during the WC. 


Frank Chappell The English FA, Wembley

We speak to companies, organisations and business to brief staff on internet safety and general cyber security threats. The World Health Organisation estimates 90% plus of all internet activity is well-intended, safe and totally above board. It's the 5% that is harmful.


Our internet safety talks for business focus on smart phone safety, identity theft (online fraud), online shopping, online banking (credit card fraud), and booking flights and tickets online, etc.

Staff Wellbeing - Internet Safety

The World Health Organisation warns of drastic effects on society's wellbeing with most people spending up to 60% of their spare time online, ignoring personal safety. 

*55% of UK adults ignore online safety to their detriment, we address this in our talk. 

It takes 25 minutes on average to refocus

If a staff member is not working but surfing the net, buying a ticket on Easyjet, booking a ticket. Once completed between comfort break, getting back to work takes on average 25 minutes, Employers and HR department need to fix this

That 25 minute plus re focus costs employers £53 each time. Source Insitute of Directors. 

Let's address this. 

Facebook leads to depression.

And Faceoook knows this well, the have the facts, hence their  'Time well spent' initiative where Facebook recognise drowsiness. slowed responsiveness on users side. It's understood that people who spend more time on Facebook are more likely to suffer from depression than those who spend less time on Facebook.

Filtering and viewing the world through social media affects communication skills, interpersonal relationships and self-esteem. Additionally, it leads to stress and affects our ability to cope with daily stressors.

Showing staff and business how safely use and control use of social media (especially Facebook) has several benefits. It's no one's fault, but it's vital that every business makes sure that their staff compliment is aware of the impact social media has on their lives.

20 minutes to get back to work after surfing

It your staff are free to surf, shop, book online at work, did you know that on average between breaks, re filling coffee, quick walk around, etc it can take 20 minutes to refocus on the task at hand, the work you are being paid for. It's simple, we are in work to work, not surf at the boss expense. So what's reasonable? Whats fair for everybody. What's policy on personal phones in the office. Do people just pick them up everytime they receive a notification, whats the policy on phones in meetings.

Smart Phone, Dumb User

  • Employers need to ensure staff stay safe online, even at home.
  • Safe employees are happy productive employees
  • 5 quick tips to hugely improve online safety
  • I'm 20 something, I know everything. Really?

Let's be safer

In 5 simple steps, we will advise on how to hugely improve your personal and business password culture, reduce their chances of succumbing to online hackers (phishing using email scams using fake email addresses). Teach your staff a greater understanding of internet security and internet safety for both your business and the personal lives of your staff members.

It is a question of when, not if. Every business is vulnerable to online data breaches. It is therefore necessary to implement security and backup solutions to restore your data and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems - while developing a strategy to manage the recovery from this loss. Prevention is always the best cure.

Are phones making you lazy and unfocussed

The security of every software solution is reliant on remaining up to date with new threats - renewing your license and automatic updates are critical. 

The most dangerous thing you own

You are vulnerable to cyber crime - no matter who or where you are. A device connected to the internet can cause havoc, spilling your private contact details, banking and personal details all over the web. It's vital that employers and staff understand the dangers of the internet and how to identify them.

Having a cyber security protocol in place can prevent data and financial losess due to online fraud.

What your business will gain from our Business Internet Safety Talks

  • Simple steps to prevent data breaches, loss of earnings and reputation.
  • Teach your staff to protect themselves and your business online.
  • Your phone is the most dangerous thing you own, protect it.
  • How to make emails, online banking, web surfing, and shopping safer.
  • Simple steps we can take to protect ourselves everyday.
  • 3 quick steps you can take to get fitter for the online world
  • How to build and protect your own online reputation.
  • Habits you can learn from the kids for your protection.

Be Secure Online - Cyber Security Talks for Business

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Internet Safety - Building The Right Online Reputation


It’s all about building a real digital presence, an online reputation that embraces the best practices of internet safety - building an online presence that lets you take advantage of the internet and not let the internet take advantage of you.

It’s just like life, it requires discipline to build it properly and yet you can still have the best fun.

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Parental Control Software - What is it and why do you need it?


Parental control software is your right-hand man when it comes to internet safety. It allows you to monitor, control and limit your child’s online activity, keeping them safe and secure online.

Most devices come with parental controls, but these can be easily disabled.

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Internet Safety - France bans Cellphones in Schools for ages 6 -15


It’s no longer a request, France is officially banning the use of phones in schools for children aged 6 – 15 from September 2018.

Presidents Macron and especially his wife Brigitte, a former teacher herself are particularly eager to see this law enforced.

The proposed ban was a key part of his presidential campaign. So there’s a good chance it will receive international support when it comes into full force.

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Parents Session – Parental Control, What can Parents Do?

  • School needs to send a consistent message to parents
  • Privacy setting on all social media ‘My friends only’ incl. parents Facebook.
  • TikTok, Snapchat, Instagram are the most popular social media platforms
  • Using real parental control is a good idea, why trust the kids? enforce it.
  • Profiles uses real names and photo’s. Facebook says fafe accounts bully more 5 times more
  • School is allowed to review phones, kids have no right of privacy and should have no expectation of same.
  • No Snapmaps, No Ghost mode (very popular features in Snapchat)
  • For very young kids not allowed to watch professional youtubers without parental vetting 
  • Social media is not a race, limit followers a child can't possibly have 1,200 friends. Police worldwide say this is a 'No No'.


It's the first step in learning to work with kids online .


Bobby Kerr, Newtalk, talks internet safety with GrahamBobby Kerr, Newstalk business chats with Graham Mulhern, CEO

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