Internet Safety Talks for Kids

Internet Safety for Kids

Thank you so much for a great information day.

Kathy Ronaghan, Principal, Scoil Bhridge, Silverstream, Co Monaghan

Internet Safety Talks Ireland

Your talk yesterday was incredible.

Joan Devlin, Foxrock Pastoral Centre, Co Dublin.

Internet Safety Talks Dublin

Snapchat, Instagram. Anti Bullying Talk

Internet Safety Rules of the Road. Time limits

internet safety talk for Parents

Parents Talks | February 2019

St Peter's National School, Phibsboro, Dublin 7.

Fortnite - internet safety talks

Fortnite |

The King of Games

Internet safety talks - tik tok

Tik Tok | Is it safe?

Internet Safety for Kids - Safety Talks for Primary School


We provide Internet safety for kids talks for primary schools. We are different authorative voice in the classroom, speaking clearly to the kids, parents, Teachers aboutt the dangers of the internet and how to stay safe online. We know that Teachers, Schools, Boards and Parents are already doing a great job without much from anyone. We are here to help.

Our internet safety talks for kids help schools, parents and their children understand the importance of parental control, social media, online behaviour, gaming and cyberbullying.

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During our interactive child safety talks we share current internet safety facts and useful tips to stay safe online. All figures are based on 2018 classroom surveys.

Most children are familiar with basic internet safety rules, however these are simply not enough to keep them safe online. Our talks re-enforce the necessity to follow these rules and create awareness about the latest issues facing their internet safety.

Graham was very professional from start to finish. He was a wealth of knowledge in all areas of Internet safety and had a natural rapport with all our students. The parents presentation was also very relevant and to the point with lots of practical advice.


Aisling Ní AirtnéadaPríomhoide,Gaelscoil Donncha Rua,
Shannon, Co Clare. May 2018. (email)

Additionally, we explain the unpleasant consequences for some children on Social Media, and how to manage social media bullying. Cyberbullying is massive issue and needs to be addressed as early as possible.

It’s vitally important that kids are taught about the internet and its magnitude from as young as possible.

All evidence indicates that children who are taught how to use the internet safely and correctly gain valuable skills, have improved childhood development, and are more successful at everything they do. It is critical that constructive online habits are established by the age of 10/11 to help prevent sexting, bullying and hurt online.

Safer Internet Day - The next internet safety day is 5th February 2019, hashtag #SID2019 with hundreds of countries participating. Plan something for your school, check our page for some ideas.

Download Free E-Book - Internet safety for children is more important than ever before – The World Health Organisation estimates that as little as 5% of online activity is not well-intended, however, we don't agree, its higher. 

Contact us for more information about our esafety talks for #SID2019, Safer Internet Day 2019, Tuesday 5th Febuary 2019. Its always the first Tuesday in Febuary. 

Over 10,000 copies downloaded!

Our Free Online Safety E-Book

Internet Safety Talks

2nd - 4th Class (Age 6-9)

"Do onto others, as you would wish done onto you" - The aim of our internet safety talks is to help keep it this way online too.   

Our internet safety talks for ages 6-9 include:

  • An introduction to internet safety where we establish safety rules already in place.
  • How many own a phone, what's their favourite app/platform/online game
  • Reinforce internet safety rules with stories - soft, age appropriate references
  • We explain Social Media safety - privacy settings, profile names
  • We explain that it's not a race for followers, likes and comments
  • Online gaming tips and safety advice - "don't give personal information out / don't overgame, take water breaks every 75 minutes
  • Our talks help kids understand that the internet is more abrasive, and more unfriendly than real life
    • Strangers are not friends you haven't met yet, they're strangers.
  • Internet Safety = common sense first and always.

Block, Report, Unfriend, Delete, Ignore

Children are vulnerable, but they are even more vulnerable if they are not equipped with the knowledge to protect themselves.

We explain the importance of friend selection online. Often children accept friend requests from people they don’t know simply because they want to increase their number of friends online.

We give upto date examples of how stragers approach kids - their tactics are very clever, for example getting the name of the kids dog for later use - for example 'Oh, I think I saw you with Snowy last week, where was that again'

Age Limits, Protections

We know the age limit with the strange exception of Facebook and WhatsApp is 13. However it's important to remember that these Apps are free and their providers are desperate to increase revenue - especially struggling SnapChat.

Importantly, we have no protections from Snapchat and Instagram because there is nothing really stopping children from lying about their age when setting up their profile. This alone should set off alarm bells for Teachers, Parents etc.

In Primary school Instagram is most popular social media platform, however, that changes to Snapchat as they move towards 6th class.  

Online Gaming

Online gaming has taken the world by storm and with device accessibility increasing daily it is more dominant than ever before. Online gaming dangers are real and children need to know that they are at risk. Strangers easily befriend child through online games and often gain heaps of private information without the child even realising.

We explain why they should use fake names, play with only friends and totally avoid interaction strangers.

Additionally, online gaming opens up room from cyberbullying. Games like DOTA allow children to interact with other players through text and microphone. Children could be placed in the same league as older children and even adults leaving room for unnecessary bullying and negativity.


We speak about the issues surrounding YouTube and why restricted mode is important. YouTube Kids is a safe environment that offers fun and interactive videos suitable for children.

Safely surfing the internet at home

Kids are using social media and we know they are overriding age limits. Social Media privacy settings need to be secure and private, and children must know of the possible dangers facing them on Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Predators and cybercriminals select vulnerable profiles, targeting unsuspecting children. Kids must be made aware of this and told what to do if they are ever contacted by a stranger.

Having access to the internet is hugely beneficial to children, however children are not always aware of how to be safe online. We talk about E Safety, What E Safety is and share tips for safe internet usage at home.

Additionally, we talk about the dangers of using Snapchat and Instagram, and what children need to look out for. These platforms appear harmless, but are perfect spots for predators. Our internet safety talks address these topics in a fun and interesting way - we usually have lots of questions after this section.

Time limits, Age appropriate content

Although internet access benefits children, too much can become detrimental. We explain the importance of limited screen-time from an internet safety perspective and from a health and development outlook.

Internet Safety for Kids - Talks for Primary Schools

Internet Safety Talks for Children

5th, 6th Class (Age 10-12)

Instagram & Snapchat

For ages 10-12, we chat to classes about both platforms and what they have to be careful of and why these platforms pose a risk for them. Children often create multiple accounts and neglect important privacy settings. Our talks help kids understand the importance of their privacy and why it’s dangerous and "uncool” to showcase their lives online.

Importance of privacy settings

Privacy settings are crucial for online protection. Social Media allows us to contact friends and family far and wide, but this also provides predators and cybercriminals with access to unsuspecting children. We explain "stranger danger" and how to stay safe online while using Social Media.

Cyberbullying, online behaviour, what to do when bullied

Keyboard warriors are often the worst type of bully. Cyberbullying has devastating effects on children and can lead to depression, anxiety, poor performance at school, self-harm and in many cases, suicide.

Our talks explain what to do when being bullied online. We also speak directly to common bully issues faced by children on a day to day basis – avoiding cyberbullies, online behaviour and how to report online gaming bullying.

E Safety for Kids / E safety for Parents

We share useful information - E Safety dangers, E Safety tips, E Safety facts, and E Safety rules for at home internet use and on mobile devices.

Block, Delete, Select Friend carefully, No Proxy accounts

Although children are exposed on Social Media, they have the power to control who they allow on their friends list, they can block contacts and select friends on their on accord. 

We explain the control they have over their profiles and why it’s important to be selective with the friends they interact with online. This is a vital part of combatting social media predators and keeping online interactions fun. In gaming if any one enters the game, especially important to block, report, delete and or move away. For instance, if a new player just destroys everything around without being social, acting aggressively, just end the game or move on. 

Chasing Likes & Followers

Social Media and instant gratification go hand-in-hand. Children chase likes and followers in an attempt to feel better about themselves, more confident, and seem popular. This opens them up to many dangers and makes them extremely vulnerable to predators. We have a recommendation of no more than a 100 or so friends, followers on social media, the less the better. Police forces around the world guide to the lower the better especially for younger children. Fewers friends, less buylling. 

Important Internet Safety Topics

As children prepare for senior school, sexting and additional relevant topics must be considered. We have developed an age appropriate, informative, interactive method to address E Safety directly. It’s all about the consequences, not being tempted into it, being ready to say 'No' in advance and what to do once it's happened.

Sexting can have disturbing results and kids need to be aware of the consequences right from the word go.

Trending Online Topics

Internet Safety Talks for Parents & PTAs – Keeping Kids Safe Online

We also provide E Safety talks for Parents, PTA groups, SNAs, Christain or faith based groups.

Our team are delighted to speak to parent groups on the same day as speaking with their children - before school, lunchtime or in the evening. We share important E Safety information regarding phone safety, social media and explain social networks that often baffle us older generations.

We update parents on what topics were spoken about with their children. Additionally, we share internet safety tips and tricks, and internet safety rules to enforce – helping parents combat phone use in the home - including available parental control software.

Kids who know the boundaries for phones and social media are more equipped to face the challenges these technologies present. They are more likely to succeed in the future; and more likely to have real friends; and enjoy better health in every way.

Parents are invited to download our free Internet Safety Guide eBook. A great resource that caters to internet safety for beginners, E Safety for parents and how to maintain child online protection.

BeSecureOnline - Internet Safety Talks for Kids UK

Contact us, for more information or to book an internet safety talk for your school.

You can also view case studies and more testimonials about our safety talks here.

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75% of us, don't care about our personal internet safety


Former Metropolitan Police Commissioner, Sir Bernard Hogan Howe really annoyed the Prime Minister, Theresa May, when she was Home Secretary. She agreed with his stance on cyber crime, but not the way he went about it. He suggested Police would be slow to investigate online security crimes where the individuals failed to take online protection seriously especially having an 'upto date' anti virus. He openly backed banks, credit card providers doing the same, not refunding customers losses. She disliked the way he went about it, she's not so so keen on the other guy in the photo below either. 


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Internet Safety Tips for Kids - Keeping Kids Safe Online


At BeSecureOnline, we believe that knowledge is power and by informing both yourself and your children of the dangers of the internet – you can help make the internet a safer place.

Internet safety for kids is at the heart of our business. We provide internet safety talks for kids and teens year round and have developed a realistic, fun approach to addressing issues and the dangers the internet often presents.

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Internet Safety win over Instagram


Is it possible that the internet is being taken back by a silent majority who is finally making its voice heard, expressing its dismay about internet safety and the shocking content found on some platforms.

Following some menacing threats from the British Government, Health Secretary Matt Hancock pressured Facebook into announcing that Instagram would intervene and take down self-harm content. 

Is this the start of something big or simply a cynical defense move?

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SnapChat Safety Guidelines – What parents need to know.


Before we dive into our safety guidelines – we’ll briefly explain what SnapChat is and how it works. Don’t worry most parents haven’t the faintest idea what or how it works.

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Can Social Media be blamed for high teen suicide rates in the UK?


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Our children have an even less understanding of the impact social media, online bullying and instant gratification has on their day to day lives and overall happiness.

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