Internet Safety for Kids

Thank you so much for a great information day.

Kathy Ronaghan, Principal, Scoil Bhridge, Silverstream, Co Monaghan

Internet Safety Talks Ireland

Your talk yesterday was incredible.

Joan Devlin, Foxrock Pastoral Centre, Co Dublin.

Internet Safety Talks Dublin

Snapchat, Instagram. Anti Bullying Talk

Internet Safety Rules of the Road. Time limits

internet safety talk for Parents

Parents Talks | February 2019

St Peter's National School, Phibsboro, Dublin 7.

The Mulberry House, West Hempstead.

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Internet Safety Talks for Kids

Talk is now Online!

We provide talks on internet safety for kids in primary school. Book now

We offer an authoritative voice in the classroom, different from that of teachers. Our talks explain the dangers of the internet and how to stay safe online to children, parents and teachers.

Additionally, our internet safety talks for kids help schools, parents and their children understand the importance of parental control, social media safety, the effects of online behaviour, online gaming and cyberbullying.


Most Popular Social Media 2021

Since COVID18 set in, Tiktok has taken over, Snapchat holds firm, popular in junior and post primary still. Instagram is the loser at the moment from TikTok's growth.

TikTok No.1
Snapchat No.2
Instagram No.3

We offer internet safety talks for kids ages:

We know that Teachers, Schools, Boards and Parents are already doing a great job without much help from anyone. We are here to help.

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During our interactive child safety talks we share current internet safety facts and useful tips to stay safe online. All figures are based on 2018 classroom surveys.

Most children are familiar with basic internet safety rules, however these are simply not enough to keep them safe online. Our talks re-enforce the necessity to follow these rules and create awareness about the latest issues facing their internet safety.

Additionally, we explain the unpleasant consequences for some children on Social Media, and how to manage social media bullying. Cyberbullying is massive issue and needs to be addressed as early as possible.

It’s vitally important that kids are taught about the internet and its magnitude from as young as possible.

All evidence indicates that children who are taught how to use the internet safely and correctly gain valuable skills, have improved childhood development, and are more successful at everything they do. It is critical that constructive online habits are established by the age of 10/11 to help prevent sexting, bullying and hurt online.

Safer Internet Day 2021

The next internet safety day is 9th February 2021, hashtag #SID2021 with hundreds of countries participating. Plan something for your school, check our page for some ideas.

How to Protect your kids online E-Book - 
Just released, our latest online e-book, available for Kindle. Fantastic for Parents with kids, teenagers who are looking for straightforward practical advice/guidance for their whole family's online safety.

Contact us for more information about our e-safety talks for #SID2021, Safer Internet Day 2021, Tuesday 9th Febuary 2021. It's always the first or second Tuesday in February. 

For the Parents

We are delighted to speak with Parents Groups. We will talk to parents before School, lunchtime or in the Evening. We do so in the knowledge that some parents are baffled by Phones, Social Media and hate the idea of Snapchat. We will update Parents on what we said to the kids during the time, pass on some tips and tricks for phone addicted kids

We do Parents Evening Talks | Book Early!

Format that suits Parents on Zoom|8pm at home

Thank You's

12 Year-old bully wrecks his own fooball chances on SNAPCHAT

Red FM

Every week we speak on Radio station about TikTok, Snapchat, or some other online safety issue including gaming. There are so many issues we can't deal with all of the requests. 

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What Parents want from Parental Control, We asked, you told us!


Free parental control just isn't good enough, it just isn't clever enough, doesn't do enough, and ultimately doesn't protect you kid's online. According to you here is what matters when it comes to parental control, Time limits, safe search and content control 

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