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Online Safety Talks for Teens 3rd & 4th Year - 14-16 years old

Internet Safety Talks for Teens Senior Schools

Online Safety (14-16 years old)

3rd & 4th Year

As teens get older they are faced with more and more online safety issues. Our goal is explain the following topics so that they are prepared for what their online activity may present.

Teens enjoy being spoken to as young adults (which they are) and our internet safety talks for teens engage with students on a more casual yet serious level.

  • Sexting, Dating Apps - How to ensure their privacy settings are secure and the real consequences of insufficient security settings.
  • Real-life social media consequences - how to avoid being part of the often shameful "gone viral" obsession.
  • How to build positivity online using SnapChat & Instagram
  • Why less is more - 3,000 friends online leaves room for bullying - Keep your target at 200 friends
  • Phone Etiquette, Online Reputation


BeSecureOnline - Online Safety Talks for Teens

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