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Almost 100% of parents attending one of our online safety talks would recommend to other parents

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No more marching down to the school. 8 pm on Zoom for Schools, Parents & Businesses. Or whenever you like.

Helping parents win for the kids

If you are interested in arranging a parent talk about internet safety for kids, tweens and teenagers, this page is for you.  A phone is the most important thing in kids/teens life is usually their phone, we will talk about that all and ways you can start to take back control.


The most popular talks are for parents of very young children and primary school age.  This includes guidelines;  

  • For kids from 2 years of age 
  • Introduction to social media. Snapchat, TikTok, Instagram
  • The difference between Friends not Followers
  • Privacy profile settings for Snapchat, TikTok, Instagram
  • Online gaming noting the dangers of overuse
  • Managing game currency, Tiredness, Time management, VPN
  • Device time, safe searching, blocking content etc

We also cover teenagers in secondary school for sexting, consequences of sexting, bullying, social media, online reputation, legal issues, Police, Border control etc.

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Almost 100% of the parents who attend a BeSecureOnline children's online safety talk for Parents would recommend our safety talk to another parent. Booking enquiry

Our Parental Talks

Our talks are done online at a time convenient to you, for example, at 8 pm. 

  • Talk delivered in person
  • We welcome questions
  • Aimed at parents who understand almost nothing about as well parents who are well tuned in.
  • Parents talk is personalised to meet your requirements

For Convenience

  • A recording can be made available afterwards
  • Automatic membership of our email club. Join now
  • We have text for inviting parents, friends and colleagues
  • Parents are invited to complete a survey in advance so we know which topics are most important


online safety talks for parents, children's online safety speakers for parents, internet safety talks
Parents feel much more confident about dealing with kids after a talk, social media, gaming, enforcing rules.

About Talk

Talks are usually 55 mins, with 20 mins for questions. Questions are welcomed throughout and may be asked in person or via chat. Talks are recorded and are available afterwards on request.  

What is in it for Parents?

You will feel able to discuss online safety with your kids enforcing simple rules, setting guidelines for gaming and social media. We have 3 simple tips on the night which will save you money and make your kids safer online. Our email club will remind you how to do it. 

Our email club

We have built a series of 60 plus emails to improve safety in your family dramatically. Enjoy the talk, knowing that detailed reminders are coming your way over the next few months. 

Almost 100% of attendees would recommend our talk to another parent 

Internet Safety Laws

Worldwide new laws are being introduced almost daily, but kids will find a way around them. For example, Frances universal ban on phones in school hasn't worked. China imposes the law on internet providers like Tencent and makes the executives responsible for banning children's access between midnight and 7 am to games, apps etc. 

Excellent Feedback

We poll all talks at the end for feedback. Most attendees would recommend others book the same talk.


Parents and I thought you were engaging; it became apparent when we unmuted our mics, for everyone to share their gratitude. It has since made me consider many more app settings. We will look into sustaining such practical cybersecurity discussions at our school, practically and matter-of-factly during our co-curricular space. I would be more than happy to give you a recommendation for your service. With appreciation for your engagement, and until next time
Viktor Novakovski American International School of Bucharest. Feb2021

Thank you so much, a lovely talk, delivered perfectly and effectively for our Schools parents, Gracias'.
Verónica Sánchez SEK Qatar. Jan 2021

The children enjoyed the sessions too from the feedback I got. Thank you so much for giving the talks, great to hear about the behaviour. 
Rebecca Umney  St Stephen's Catholic Primary, Bexley, (via email June 2021)

Talk was amazing, Thank you.
Natasha Drew Blackrock College. March 2018

Thanks very much to Graham for delivering a really interesting talk (Zoom) for all the parents of our school. The talk really uncovered and showcased to us all how many of the new Apps that we know are on our children's phones / tablets / playstations, but really didn't know anything about. Many of our parents commented that they were 'shocked' at the revelations but that they now felt better equipped to put measures in place to protect their children online thanks to the advice on this presentation. One of our parents summed it up best, "I just felt that the children, even the youngest ones, were so far ahead of me in terms of what they know about these gadgets, at least now I've caught up, I still haven't passed them out, but I know now how to set the privacy settings which means a lot to me". A very informative, interesting and well-run presentation.
Matthew McArdle Redeemer School Parents. Feb 2021

Just wanted to drop you a quick e-mail to say thank you so much. For us, I would say that was a really good turn out of parents- probably a third of families there. There is so much to get through and I think that will have been a really helpful summary. Thanks again.
Charlotte Whittle, Headteacher, Stoke Row C.E. Primary School, (Email May 2021)

Thanks for leading a Lunch & Learn over Zoom for us over Zoom, feedback was great. We stayed on overtime, which never happens. We've booked a follow-up.
HR Team JP Morgan. March 2021

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