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iKydz Videos

iKydz - What is iKydz?

iKydz Wi Fi Parental Control 

At last something that controls the internet in your home easily. Blocks content, limits social media


Age appropriate 

Set access and content levels for Under 11's, under 16's. Set Social Media like SnapChat for 90 minutes a day for example. Shut down access for Bedtime

Instals in 10 minutes

It's easy to instal, plugs into your home router, download App onto your Phone. Then take control back in your own home.

iKydz  - How to instal iKydz


Installing iKydz - It's easy

Open Box, Plug in, start & download App onto Phone- All takes 10 minutes

 iKydz - 5 mins iKydz startup 

This 5 minutes Video shows you how to instal the iKydz product from scratch

It's really that simple

People always say how easy it is to instal. Any problems just call iKydz directly for assistance. It's free to call

Introducing iKydz parental wifi controller


Introducing iKydz - It's great

Got kids at home on the internet, you need this for peace of mind

 Parental WiFi Control 

The best way to protect your kids on your home Wi-Fi 5 minutes Video. Block Adult content, Protect Kids

 What people think of it?

Recommended by The Guardian and The Irish Times. "Perfect for parents"


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