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Awareness Training addresses the Elephant in the Room, Human error!

Awareness training for staff is effective way to reduce cyber risk threat...
Awareness Training - Netflix for Cyber. The most effective way to eliminate the cyber threat in your business.

In the end, it's all about the Employees!

Employee Training is the No.1 way to make staff aware of all the risks which could destroy all of your livelihoods. Employees need to understand the vital role they play in safeguarding your business: Don't forget, it took 50 years to get the public to stop smoking, so the sooner you start the better.

  • Company data 
  • Teaches employees best practices for data protection. 

By investing in security awareness training, companies reduce the risk of: 

  • Data breaches 
  • Other security incidents. 

This training helps employees identify and report suspicious activity, which will prevent cyber attacks before they occur. 

Business email compromise (BEC) is email phishing based on well-informed research on a specific individual — such as a company's senior executive — to create an attack that can be very difficult to distinguish from the real thing (a legitimate email). UK Govt BEC PDF

There is a common misconception that phishing is 'easy to spot'. There is no wonder why so many businesses will suffer a phishing-related breach in 2023.

Employees need regular training to spot phishing attacks using modern techniques. And how to report a phishing attack as soon as they believe it has hit them.

Finally, companies provide employees with security awareness training to comply with regulatory requirements related to data protection and privacy. Investing in security awareness training is vital to any business that values the security of its data. Book KB4 Demo now.

Why Awareness Training is Good for Phishing

Phishing attacks are the most serious threat to individuals and organisations alike. They can lead to 

  • Data breaches, 
  • financial losses, 
  • reputational damage. 

You need to raise awareness about phishing and provide training so people recognise and react to these attacks. Awareness training for phishing will help people spot the warning signs of a phishing attempt. 

  • Suspicious emails, 
  • Unfamiliar senders, 
  • Requests for sensitive information. 

By educating people on identifying these red flags, they'll avoid falling victim to phishing scams. Awareness training teaches people to respond properly to a suspected phishing attempt. Including:  

  • Reporting the incident to IT security, 
  • deleting the email, 
  • Avoiding clicking on any links or downloading any attachments. 
  • Building a 'No blame' Culture

Awareness training is an essential tool in the fight against phishing. By educating people on how to identify and respond to these attacks, we can help protect ourselves and our organisations from the harmful effects of phishing.

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Awareness Training - Netflix for Cyber. The most effective way to eliminate the cyber threat in your business.

Social Engineering

Cyber security awareness training promotes a 'no-blame culture', encouraging staff to report suspicious activity.

  • Phishing emails
  • Pretexting
  • Baiting 

There is usually a note of urgency, scarcity and or reciprocity to fluster people into reacting rashly

Let's make your Inbox safe again!

Let's Change that for you now!

Cloud Security

Cloud computing has revolutionised businesses. The way data is being stored and accessed is transforming business. However, remotely stored means the risk of large-scale hacks is real. 

Insider hacking is much more of a threat to large-scale cloud companies. Gartner predicts that by 2024, 99% of all cloud security incidents will be down to the end-user. 

Cyber security awareness training can help guide employees through the secure use of cloud-based applications. 

Removable media

Removable media is a common way to store and transfer data. However, it poses a major security risk. It's important to make staff aware of the potential dangers, such as malware infections and data theft, and take precautions to protect sensitive information. Always use trusted sources for removable media and avoid sharing with unknown or untrusted individuals.

Common examples of removable media include:

  • USB sticks
  • SD cards
  • CDs
  • Smartphones

This security awareness topic must be included in your training and cover examples of removable media:

  • Why it's used in the business 
  • Preventing lost or stolen removable devices, malware infections and copyright infringement.


The single greatest step towards cybersecurity any organisation can take is to train its employees in better habits. Get ready for the long haul, remember drink-driving campaign took 30 years. Book a 30 min chat

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