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Many IT pros don’t know where to start when dealing with security awareness program for an organisations IT defence

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Finding the remedy for all - Henry Ford & his Model T Ford.

Ford Model T thinking shines a light on the way forward!

In the 1920s, Henry Ford inspired his employees by paying a daily wage of $5 to build his cars faster and better than all his competitors. He didn't leave it at that; he created a no-blame culture and provided full on-the-job training, which no one had ever done before. Leadership first, then profits.

IT and cyber security professionals need a similar leap to beat off the worldwide scourge of cybercrime. Every organisation's cyber security is only as strong as its weakest link, which can be a single employee unaware of the potential risks. Online security awareness training educates employees on best practices for a secure digital environment and the consequences of a major failure. Talk to us!

This is how security awareness training educates and informs.

  • Daily short-form media content
  • 3 minutes videos
  • Emails, Podcasts, Animations
  • Localised content for UK Ireland and European audiences
  • Phishing Tests - To highlight individuals who may need more training

Security awareness training promotes a culture of security, encouraging employees to remain vigilant and proactive in the fight against cybercrime.

  • Against the risk of cyberattacks
  • Ransomware, Phishing & Malware attacks
  • Data breaches
  • Protect the most valuable assets and data. 

Let's tackle your organisation's security awareness & readiness!

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No Blame Culture

Don't find fault. Find a remedy.
Henry Ford - Ford Motor Company

One of the main reasons IT and cybersecurity professionals appreciate security awareness training is that it fosters a no-blame culture. Employees may feel scared or intimidated to report security incidents or breaches, for fear of punishment or disciplinary action. 

  • Highlight the importance of reporting cyber issues
  • Good for team morale and company strength
  • Cultural honesty, integrity, responsibility and diligence
  • Working together with IT to build the company

And what is not to like about that?

IT and cybersecurity professionals protect their critical assets from various cyber threats. Despite the implementation of preventive measures, security breaches still occur. These security breaches are traced back to the end-users or employees' negligence of potential cyber risks. 

Most studies show nearly all cyberattacks would have been prevented if the employees had been vigilant and had received proper security awareness training. 

Why would I bother?

  • Open for business
  • Keep your cash
  • Build cyber trust in your brand, form, organisation
  • Protect your employees
  • Great for GDPR
  • Make your message clear to cybercriminals - We're locked Up!
Castle with moat, defending your business with cyber awareness training
Defend your Island, IT awareness training build cyber awareness - Pic_Unsplash 

To err is Human. Cybercrime relies on it.

IT and cybersecurity professionals protect critical assets from various cyber. threats. Despite preventive measures, security breaches increase daily. They trace security breaches back to the end-user or employees' negligence of potential cyber risks, 90% of the time

It's a fact nearly all cyberattacks are completely preventable. Human error is what cyber criminals rely on.

Security awareness training educates employees about the importance of company data, the role they play in your organisation's security posture, and how to identify and prevent cyber threats. 

Wouldn't you rather do business with an organisation which: 

  • Respect and protect Staff
  • Profitable
  • Tax compliant
  • GDPR compliant
  • Cyber Secure
  • ISO 9000 

Let's tackle your organisation's security awareness & readiness!

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IT and Cybersecurity guys love security awareness training.

1. Good Culture, Good Genes

Building a Culture of IT and Cybersecurity creates and strengthens a culture of cyber-security requiring everyone to be aware;  
Security risks, knowing their roles in protecting the company's assets, and adhering to security protocols. Inculcating this culture of security is very important because security is not only an IT problem but an enterprise problem that involves every employee. Providing security awareness training is the first step towards building this culture of security. 

2. Trust & Verify

It establishes trust and confidence in the organisation's ability to protect data safeguarding the enterprise. Security breaches will damage the organisation's reputation and undermine trust in the company, which is bad for business. 

Make sure that everyone, including customers, owners, shareholders and competitors, know you have a first-class security awareness programme, safe from cybercrime. 

3. To Err is Human

Reducing Human Error IT and Cybersecurity guys love security awareness training because it helps employees to avoid common human errors that could lead to security breaches. 

  • Nice out of ten security breaches is human error. 
  • Weak passwords, 
  • Falling for phishing scams, 
  • Neglecting to update software regularly. 

Training employees to create strong passwords and recognise phishing emails and other related cyber threats can help reduce the number of cyber incidents within an organisation. 

4. Protect Cash

Protect cash, stay in business, and don't get ripped off. A single security breach can cost the company dearly, ranging from legal fees, regulatory fines, and reputational damages. Investing in security awareness training has a super fast ROI and reduces the chances of being hit by a data breach or security incident, causing severe financial loss. 


General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliant. Security awareness training ensures all employees are aware of the data protection policies and procedures.

6. Strengthening the Organization's Security Posture. 

IT and cybersecurity guys love security awareness training because it strengthens their security positions. The IT and cybersecurity team can implement all the network and computer security measures. However, if there is a lack of awareness and accountability, providing regular security awareness training to all employees mitigates all IT risk   


Security awareness training is crucial in creating a security culture, reducing human error and building trust and confidence in the organisation and its ability to protect its staff, data, reputation and business IT systems.

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