Parental Control

We asked you, this is what you want!

Block Apps, Games
Daily Time Limits
Age Sensitive
Easy to Use, Support Available

Family Protection

Settting up your family is easy

Parental Control for your under 4s!

How to #protect Babies, Toddlers, young kids on Devices

Online Family Protection

Settting up your child is this simple, Name, Age, Protect.

Everything you need to know about looking after kids online!

Visit your trusted source for online parenting


Settting up your family is easy
Time limit for Weekdays and Week-ends For example 90 minutes/ day
Age 4-7 90 mins per day
Age 7-9 120 mins per day

If your Kid has got 1000s of followers. She'll be bullied. 

So says Mark Zuckerberg! And it is a fact he says! We agree.

Block and Protect

Protected access to Games, Apps and the internet. This is parental control.

Sales Line

IRL +353 (0)1 908 1588
UK +44 203 813 8222


Making TikTok Private


When you create a TikTok account your profile is automatically made public so that anyone can follow you and view your videos, but if you want to prevent strangers from seeing your content, TikTok lets you make your account private at any time.

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