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Posted On: Tuesday, March 26, 2019

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MONTHLY March 26th, 2019
E Safety Speakers Available
Jason Appleton
The internet is made up of 15% of Adult Content, maybe more. 20% plus is social media, 70% of social media is controlled by Facebook especially through fast growing Instagram & WhatsApp. Despite that Snapchat remains king. Adult Content providers, gaming and betting companies are the saviest most capable organisations on the net and determined to exploit their victims. We have the best E-Safety Speakers available.

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Top Tips
YouTube - Settings - Tick safe filtering - Strict
Snapchat - Setting Privacy - Switch off Microphone :> Green Tick off
The last thing you need is Snapchat listening, which they do if you don't switch if off. Google, Amazon and Facebook do the same, switch them off too... read more »
Primary School Idea
Let the Students run class Instagram account.
Students to post weekly on Instagram.
Use the opportunity to promote positive posting, the essence of Instagram
School approves and sends on Thurs / Fri
Treats awarded for creativity, composition.
Use either Twitter / Instagram
Online Reputation
Our most read article ever. Online Reputation.
It comes as a great shock to students that this really matters. 6th years usually understand this but they need to hear it again, again and again. Using the internet to their advantage is the aim, Highlighted in the Talks are plenty of real life examples... read more »
2019 Recommendations
I have had the pleasure of welcoming many guest speakers into our school and Graham Mulhern ranks among the very best. He delivered a presentation to our students about Internet Safety. His content is clear, to the point and hugely relevant to his audience. He has deep professional knowledge and expertise in this area and our students were engaged throughout not only by Graham's direct delivery style but also by his very clear message that their actions online can have serious consequences and that there is no such thing as anonymity online. I cannot recommend Graham highly enough.
More Information
What is SnapChat?
Snapchat is the king of social media, almost beloved.. It's an accidental success with Teenagers,. A fantastic platform that unfortunately weaponises the internet and social media for Teenagers, here's what you need to know...
Read More +
MOMO Challenge
Social Media Settings for kids, Teenagers.
Profile - Real Name, (real names dont bully)
Settings - Privacy Setting, Stories, 'My Friends Only'
7-10 Yrs of Age - No more than 10 friends
10-12 Yrs of Age - No more than 20 friends
Teenager - No more than 150/200 friends... read more »
At BeSecureOnline, we believe that knowledge is power and by informing both yourself and your children of the dangers of the internet - you can help make the internet a safer place. Internet safety for kids is at the heart of our business. We provide internet safety talks for kids and teens year round... read more »
We were very happy with Fiona, thank you very much. She gave great informative presentations to each group and was very professional and pleasant to deal with.
Eimear Hurley
Pimlico Academy, London SW1
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