Private Online Safety Talks for Family

Private Online Safety Talks for Family

We do private family briefings for families, guardians, carers. Enquire here

Legal age for using some of he mos popular Online Apps

Ages 4-7

  • No Social Media
  • Very controlled Gaming,
  • Strict Rules-based culture Kids this age accept media content at face value
  • Easily frightened by violence, threats or dangers
  • Very vulnerable to advertisers.



  • Establish usage levels and internet rules at home.
  • Appropriate surfing age for kids, when parents aren’t supervising. 
  • Stranger Danger online. 
  • Developing their online defence, ‘My friends only’
  • Privacy Settings and recognising when someone may not be who they say they are.
  • Kindness online and how to avoid/deal with cyberbullying
  • Gaming, Social Media ( Instagram, Tik Tok)– Privacy 


  • Explore, Advice, Guidance
  • Danger of the written word on the net and its power
  • Bullying, Posting properly, Online behaviour?
  • Snapchat, Instagram, Tik Tok, 
  • Inappropriate things to share online 

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Parents and Guardians Online Safety Talk 

Review/Preview of the day & what was / will be said to the classes on the day
Best practice for their kids
Common sense guidelines & parental responsibilities 
Advice for managing younger/older children
Reasonable internet/gaming time
Can I look/demand to look at Kids/Teenagers phones?
What’s the law? Legal Issues, Can Police get involved?
Protecting your children
Helping your children lead happy lives at school, home and play 

We provide a range of talks aimed at all secondary school ages, from 1st year to TY and Leaving Cert students. The content varies slightly depending on age. Sessions run 45 minutes to 1 hour including questions and answers session.

12-15 years old Years Talks 

Online safety when using social media, from Snapchat to Instagram etc.
Cyberbullying – its effects, consequences, strategies for dealing with bullying online, whether it’s you or your friends. 
Appropriate sharing and content – what not to do; sexting, inappropriate selfies.

16-19 years old Talks 

Includes content above, but with more of concentration on data privacy,
Online reputation and protecting yourself for the future. 
Legal implications of sharing sexualised content or unsolicited images or texts




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