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E-Mail Scams
3 Tips & Tricks to improve safety today!

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We needed some one special to grab the attention of our World Cup squad travelling to Russia for World Cup 2018. Players have a lot to protect and short attention spans, we gave you 30 minutes, you did a great job. Thank you.

Gareth SouthgateEngland Manager

Email Scams. The Open Gate to online crime

  • What is email fraud?
  • Example of email fraud.
  • How to protect yourself and your organisation from Email fraud.
  • EndPoint Protection is NOT perfect.
  • It's not just C-Level executives at risk, it is everyone in the business.
  • We will remind staff of the 3 simple steps that improve their email security three times over.

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  • 123456 is the world's most popular password, as it has been, for the last 30 years
  • Liverpool FC is Football club, not a password
  • Separate Passwords by 1. Financial 2. Shopping 3. Fun & Personal
  • Magic Button - password reset button in or once they’re in, you are out. Explain how this works.
  • Use a Password Manager ( for example)
  • Has you email password been hacked.

The curious case of Yevgeniy Nikulin

  • Russian who ripped off LinkedIn, Dropbox
  • Made Millions from selling data, Drove around Moscow in Bentley, RRs, Mercedes
  • Posted his life and cars on Instagram
  • Arrested in Prague, pursued by American courts
  • 5 years in Czech Jail, extradited to California
  • FBI wanted him to accept Russia hacking in 2016 election
  • Found guilty, Fined 1.5 million, Expressed no regret, irritated Judge Alsup
  • Wrote to Judge requesting access to his games online 
  • Now 33, sentenced to a further 3 years in jail in US


  • It’s not just Granny fodder anymore,
  • Phishers way smarter now.
  • Execution is very professional Double check, Don’t press unknown links, Check the source
  • We’ll have slides to demonstrate
  • Your email inbox is your No.1 vulnerability, a direct line to you.
  • The criminal's best chance Common sense is your best defence

Hacking/Data Loss

  • What is this GDPR
  • Compels organisations to reveal losses,
  • Why many still don't,
  • When Verizon bought Yahoo they got a $450ml off-price owing to hacking
  • Now customers are getting a share of $150ml payout from Verizon

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Almost 100% of parents attending one of our online safety talks would recommend to other parents

BeSecureOnline is the best provider of UK / Ireland and international online safety talks for kids, tweens, teenagers and parents. We have worked hard to achieve this. Our talks are highly recommended and we have the testimonials to prove it. We speak all over the world on Zoom, and in-person by arrangement. 

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