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  • 9 July 2016

Banking Protection.



Banking protection from BeSecureOnline is an additional security layer that comes with F-Secure security software. When you open a banking web site with your web browser, Banking protection activates automatically. Upon activation, a flyer is displayed at the top of the screen telling you that the Banking protection mode is active. When the Banking protection mode is on, all new connections from the PC are killed. By blocking the connections, banking trojans and other malware cannot send your private information, such as user credentials, to criminals.   

When you start your banking session, Banking protection puts all other network connections to sleep you secure restoring them again when Banking closed out. All sites are verified in session by F-Secure security Servers keeping you SAFE all the time.


  • Bank Protection starts automatically when entering Bank site 
  • Confirms you have started banking and closes all unknown apps 
  • Kills all connections to prevent malware / banking Trojans 
  • Verifies all sites are Safe, legitimate and known to F-Secure 
  • Banking Protection disconnects all untrusted applications from the Internet

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