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How to install AVG Internet Security

Installing AVG Internet Security. Step by Step Review

So you want to install AVG Internet Security and you want to know what to do, how long it takes and whether it is any good at internet security and online protection.

AVG Internet Security Best Bits

  • Great Value
  • Up to 256 devices allowed (the highest no. in the industry)
  • Ideal for protecting Android Phone, Windows PC & Laptops
  • Very good online support service esp. webchat
  • Very easy to set up

AVG Internet Security Cons

  • No iOS version for iPhone
  • Not strong on parental control

*Always ask if we have any special offers running.

BeSecureOnline Recommendations

AVG Internet Security offers you great value at one price for 256 devices - from one of the best known online protection providers in the world.

Almost nobody else does this as most vendors charge more when you want to cover additional devices - this product is ideal for someone who wants to protect their family and business for one great price.

The only drawbacks are the lack of iOS version (which only matters if you have an iPhone) and a strong parental control version. 

Otherwise, additional great options for people to consider are the slightly more upscale AVG Ultimate and AVG Secure VPN

AVG internet security

Download your AVG Internet Security here:

AVG Download

Start installation on Desktop/Laptop

For phone installation simply go the Android Store and request the AVG Internet Security download and activate using the key provided in the email sent to your by us. We suggest that you start with installation on a desktop or laptop for convenience.

*AVG Internet Security does not include the Password Manager option and Tune-up which are included in AVG Ultimate.  

Click on the setup option to get going, then the AVG Anti Virus will start loading and return the screen below.  AVG Internet Security then tells you that the Browser is secured and that it has started installing Virus, Malware protection, documents and performance. This process lasts a couple of minutes. The below are screenshots from a Windows 10 HP laptop.

Hopefully, the next screen you see will say exactly this. At this stage you have not entered the license key as you are still installing AVG Online Protection Internet Security.

The remaining 3 steps will take about 5 minutes as AVG Internet Security runs through the Anti Virus online protection setup.

AVG internet security protection

Installation Time to here 5 minutes 

AVG internet security - hot to instal

The AVG house look is black and green. This anti-virus programme from AVG also has a very good file and document shredder that is very easy to use.

AVG internet security - hot to instal

Installation Time to here 7/8 minutes  

AVG Internet Security will install much quicker on a brand new machine. We recommend AVG Ultimate for those wanting added features such as Tune Up and AVG Cleaner. 

 AVG internet security - hot to instal

The installation process points out there are some issues that AVG TuneUp could sort out.  TuneUp is not included with AVG Internet Security, this might be a moment to consider getting AVG Ultimate instead. We’ve tested the performance improvement and it is certainly worth considering.

The battery performance is also something to consider.

Download AVG Internet Security here & Buy License

Want to get going now, download your software from this location and click here to buy now, 
AVG Internet Security cost £35.75 / €39.95

  AVG internet security - hot to instal

Installation Time to here 10/12 minutes  

Final screen process time about 90 seconds. At this stage we are:

AVG internet security - great value online protection


AVG internet security -


AVG internet security

Installation Time to here 12/14 minutes  

AVG Internet Security is now installed and simply needs activation, press Fix Now to license the software with the key we supplied. Again any difficulties contact the AVG 24 hour contact helpline for free or contact us. Process time to license is 10 seconds.  There is a link to the active chat line in our email containing your original license key and receipt.

AVG internet security - hot to instal  100%


You cannot leave it here as you don't have active protection, Fix now is the button to press, activate the license to go from passive to active protection, this switches on email protection including Phishing, Hacking and Payment protections. The great thing is it's really easy to do!

AVG internet security


AVG Internet Security Activation

Time to here from start 15 minutes

This is the step for activation after you will be covered

AVG IS protection

AVG Internet Protection Started 

You are now protected with AVG Internet Security and Online Protection, including:

  • AVG IS Anti Virus protection
  • AVG IS Anti Malware
  • AVG IS Payment protection
  • AVG IS Hacking protection
  • AVG IS Phone, Computer and laptop protection
  • AVG IS Privacy protection

We recommend VPN protection for your computers as well, you can review and buy AVG Secure VPN here

AVG Support Services

AVG Support Service here
BeSecureOnline support service email here
Premium Support Line (pay for) +353 1 908 1588 

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