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Trojan Horse, Trojan Virus - Help I need a decent Antivirus!

A Trojan also known as a Trojan horse, is a malicious software scam designed by criminal gangs and their hackers to disguise as real software to gain access to devices. Cyber-criminals intentionally use Trojan technology to spy on or hack into victims.

Users are conned into downloading this software by some attractive social media ad on which then enables itself and gets to work. Using this backdoor, they can start to gather all of your important sensitive information.

And it happens more often than you think….the chances of it happening to you if you don’t have an antivirus installed are high!

Trojan - Antivirus Software & Internet Security

One day you will receive an email from your account to your own account. This email will explain that your machine has been infected with a Trojan that has been there for months watching you, in most cases many months.

Over these months it has gathered information about you; your online behaviour and sites you have visited, your images and videos, emails and personal details that you would most definitely like to keep private.

Now that the Trojan has gathered enough information from you it can blackmail you.

Blackmail amounts usually range between €500 to €1000 and they have to be paid in Bitcoin to the hacker's nominated account.

The email will also remind you of your illicit meanderings on the internet, that you were looking for a new job or watching adult content, and that they watched you live on your webcam.

Most importantly, the email will explain that they are going to share this data in the next 48 hours with every person on your contact list.

Additionally, the mail will go on to say that they have all of your passwords for social media and banking.

Quite panicked, near terror sets in, this is not a great time for thinking straight.

You instantly leap onto the internet and type in “AVG free download”, “free antivirus software” or maybe even “best free antivirus” – hoping that a quick free antivirus download will be enough to save you from this all.

Antivirus Software and Internet Security

Unfortunately, it’s too late to download an antivirus and a free antivirus is not enough to protect you from this sort of cyberattack, and it definitely won’t be enough to save you from malicious Trojan software.

Prevention is far better than cure and purchasing proper antivirus software, one that offers you complete internet security, is the only way to prevent something like this from happening to you.

Regrettably, you will have to pay the consequences of not having a ‘bought’ antivirus installed on your device. Unless you pay the said amount your information will be shared with everyone you know. Everything they have gathered… it’s an extremely scary thought and this exact situation has ruined a lot of lies.

Kids that receive emails like this often don’t tell their parents and instead opt to steal the money from them – rather than revealing what they have been up to online.

If you are a small business and the cybercriminals are smart they may even try to sell all of the data on your machine to one of your competitors, that’s your business and livelihood ruined for the saving of £/€100. The very definition of a false economy.

Trojans can lie secretly waiting for months!

All of this happened because a little Trojan slipped through and sat silently waiting on your machine, quietly listening to your keystrokes and figuring out your passwords, snooping around gathering personal details and private information.

With these details, they could easily start spending money, while baring you from access to your own accounts and device. Identity theft happens more often than you think. Cybercriminals often access accounts, reset passwords and just like that you are locked out of your online shopping account – with absolutely no control over it.

Pay up or else!

So you pay, you have to!

The problem is you still have to reformat your machine, contact your bank, change all of your email addresses, change all of your passwords and make sure that your accounts have been notified of your recent hack. This alone will take a couple of days and can be laborious considering you have just experienced quite a scare.

Furthermore, it’s now an excellent idea to buy and install antivirus software that offers you complete protection and internet security. AVG Ultimate or AVG Internet Security are good options and offer you great value for money.

BeSecureOnline – AVG Antivirus Software

Both AVG Ultimate and AVG Internet Security offer you complete online protection. Free antivirus software is no longer an option when it comes to internet security.

Whether you’re a business or an everyday user – you need to protect yourself.

Purchase your AVG Ultimate or AVG Internet Security from us at discounted prices.

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