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Does China own your VPN too?

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Only use a trusted tested VPN in China. Google, YouTube all blocked in China!

Updated March 2021. The purpose of a “Virtual Private Network” (VPN) is to offer the user a secure internet tunnel, logging absolutely none of their internet activity, data exchanged or data received.

In a recent article published by the Financial Times - it was revealed that 17 of the 30 most popular smartphone apps that are being used to browse the internet privately are either owned by Chinese companies or companies who have links to China.

(Please note: If you do not have an account with the Financial Times you may struggle to view their article - we have been given 10 gift credits for users without accounts)

VPN - Virtual Private Network - VPN China

VPN protects coffee drinkers in China too, but only the right VPN!


Have you downloaded a VPN lately?

VPNs are used and trusted by companies and users that require internet safety, cybersecurity and complete online privacy.

Some of these apps have been downloaded over 100 millions times by both Android and iPhone devices, and include apps such as VPN 360 and VPN Proxy Master.

However, the fact that the apps are owned by China is not the issue. The problem is the companies operating the apps have extremely limited privacy policies – a bright red flag that has gone surprisingly unnoticed until a study done by Privacy Central.

Additionally, there were even apps identified that explicitly stated that their users’ internet activity was actually logged – and in some cases apps stated that data would be shared with third parties in mainland China.

  • Some of the datapoints collected by the apps included IP addresses & their location, websites visited, date/time/duration of browsing, email addresses and independent device identifiers – among others.

Collecting data goes against the fundamental purpose of a VPN, is indeed anti-privacy and has never been seen with any of the renowned VPNs such as F-Secure Freedome VPN or AVG Secure VPN.

What is a VPN?

A VIRTUAL PRIVATE network (VPN) is a tunnel where you pass through a public network, protecting your data from spying eyes. Whether you're worried about internet service providers selling your data or want to stay safe on public Wi-Fi, a VPN can help protect you.

However, while a VPN will keep you safe at your local coffee shop, it comes with a cost. Using a VPN means your VPN provider will know everything about your browsing habits. This makes VPN providers a tempting target for hackers.

This means picking a VPN service is a serious business. Most VPN providers claim they keep no logs, but this is rarely verified. You're stuck taking companies at their word.

A VPN’s Responsibility is to maintain its Integrity and your Online Privacy

Having the power to control, inspect, modify and log internet traffic gives VPNs and their providers a huge amount of responsibility to maintain their integrity.

However, even though the responsibility lies with VPN service providers to provide quality and secure products, it is also the users responsibility to research products before opting to use them.

Free VPN vs F-Secure Freedome VPN & AVG VPN

The issue lies with users opting for free VPN downloads and not looking for the best VPN available.

In fact, searches such as “best free VPN”, “free VPN download” and “VPN download” receive traffic in the thousands - on a monthly basis.

As a company providing quality cyber security products at discount prices - these figures set off alarm bells everywhere.

Not only do they confirm that users aren’t doing their app homework before investing total their trust, they are also opting for products that are inferior simply because they are free.

Cybercrime is major issue worldwide and with an estimated £130bn stolen from consumers in 2017, it is an issue that needs to be taken seriously.

Attention Online Shoppers, Travellers, Online Bankers and Online Streamers

If you shop online, travel for work or pleasure, use online banking or would like to be able to watch your favourite shows from anywhere in the world – A secure VPN is critical.

Your VPN and antivirus software should be a top priority and never compromised on. The costs inflicted following a cyberattack far outweigh the annual renewal costs attached to purchasing quality cybersecurity software.

BeSecureOnline – Cybersecurity Software for Complete Online Protection

BeSecureOnline not only provides the best VPNs and antivirus software available – we provide them at affordable prices, with purchases made from the comfort of your home.

Protect yourself, family and business today - Visit our online store to purchase your F-Secure Freedome or AVG VPN.

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