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Review of Safety Information in Twitter - Internet Safety Series


Welcome to the third in a new series of blog posts here on BeSecureOnline.

In this series we take a comprehensive review of the user safety information provided by social networking sites. Each site is scored across five key attributes:

  1. Interest in user wellbeing
  2. Execution
  3. Quality of information
  4. Confidence
  5. International emphasis

In the the third instalment of our series we turn our attention to Twitter.

Internet safety Ireland - best antiviruses


The global social networking service carries extensive details for online safety. One could spend days going through this content. Established in 2006, Twitter has surpassed 310 million active monthly users, a further 10 million more than was recorded in 2015. The site clearly defines what is acceptable from its users, operating dedicated Twitter accounts to report matters, including but not limited to @Safety and @Policy.

Internet safety Ireland - best antiviruses

Health and Safety Sections

Twitter provides pages and pages of well written, detailed content with many links to other Twitter pages and sites. It is not as succinct as Snapchat, but is nonetheless rich in detail. The instructions make it very clear how to mute, block or report users on Twitter, both on site and elsewhere online. Twitter is especially clear on the threat of #cyberbullying and international terrorism, as managed from their Twitter Safety Centre.


The pages are extensive, well written, with one such page being updated during the time we spent reviewing it. The section carries videos and links, however we feel a few more would be of benefit.


Internet safety Ireland - best antiviruses

Twitter is genuinely engaged with the subject of users' wellbeing, safety, enjoyment and general usage. More could be done with the globally oriented content especially by adding more video content.

F-Secure - Internet safety Ireland - best antiviruses

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