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Guide for your Under 4 year old on Devices, Internet.

What the Under 4s are doing!

Online gaming 7.5 hours a week
Own a tablet
YouTube cartoons, funnies & pranks
Online up to 9 hours a week

Source UK Government Research. Reported in 'The Guardian' and elsewhere

Tips for Parents, Phones & the Under 4s

  • Create a separate kids folder (Games, Apps) on your Phone for them.
  • Two kids, make two folders for the different games
  • Downloadgames only. No online games
  • Switch off 'In-App Purchases' & Switch on 'Parental Controls'
  • Teach the kids to put it down without a fuss. (Warning! it isn't easy)
  • Switch off all 'MicroPhone' - Google, Snapchat, Instagram listen to you 

Agree on the rules, such as locations in the house where devices can be used, times of day your child can use devices. Remember they should only be using the folder you set up for them. No internet access permitted.

Tip for Parents

Consider buying your kids the same devices like you, it might be expensive at first but you already know how to use the phone/device

Online safety for kids, parental controls online for kids
Good online habits start early, supervise, do not let child online unsupervised

1. Explore together

Here's a fun tip for you. Explore your child’s favourite apps and websites together with them. This can be a nice way to find out what your child enjoys doing online. 

2. Talk to your child about their online experiences

Start and continue regular conversations with your kid about what they enjoy doing online, introducing online safety messages. It's never too early to start enforcing safety.

3. Supervise your kids online, Always 

Keep the devices your child uses in communal areas of the house such as in the living room or kitchen where you can keep an eye on them. If you can manage it, keep them near you whilst they’re online. This is important.

4. Parental controls

Use any parental controls available on your broadband and any internet-enabled device in your home. Here is a trusted reliable good source of information.

5. Set boundaries

Agree on the rules, such as locations in the house where devices can be used, times of day your child can use devices. Remember they should only be using the folder you set up for them. No internet access permitted.

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6. Look at me, when speaking to me

Putting down the phone or device when spoken to, or when speaking and being spoken to. This sounds severe but you need to insist on this one, make sure they look at you when speaking to you,

Set up a folder for their games on your phone

Here's how to create a Folder for Apps.

How to consolidate apps into folders To add a folder, press and hold your finger on an app on the iPhone Home screen until they start wiggling about on the screen.

  1. Lift your finger.
  2. Touch and drag one app (game) button over another app button. A square appears around both apps.
  3. Tap anywhere on the screen outside of the folder.
  4. The folder closes. You can name the Folder name too! (Optional)
  5. Touch and drag another app into the folder.
  6. Tap the Home button to save the folder and stop the app dance
  7. Done! Good job.

No earbuds, protect their young ears.
Using Headphones, Set the volume low.
Buy the same devices you have, easier for you to manage.
Use parental control

Downloading a new App

Check the App doesn’t want to use your contacts or data. This data is resold for profit including your mum's e-mail address & phone number. 

Teach all your kids to respect your phone, absolutely no downloads to be made without your consent. Remember your kid must always ask you before using your phone

People Ask - Can I Control? 

The Apps kids use
When kids go online
What Children see
How long per day your kids can spend online
Who they talk to
How they search and Browse

Yes, you can… With Parental Control!

Parental Control is software that you install on your phone which 
  • Protects your kids online
  • Allows you to decide what the kids can do on your device
  • Set Time Limits per day 45 minutes per day is ideal for Under 4s
  • Block access to everything on the Decide
  • Prevent use in the evening for example
  • Manage content for age-appropriate access
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    In-App Purchases Screen. Apple iPhone 8




    Switch Off Microphones - Highly Recommended

    Stop advertisers especially Google listening to your kids, you and the whole house. Switch off.
    WhatsApp doesn't advertise, so have allowed it.


    Help my kids know more than me!

    The internet is here to help you with this one and there’s great stuff out there. Try these sites

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