‘If your Teen has several thousand followers she will get bullied’ Mark Zuckerburg, Founder, Facebook. | Be Secure Online


‘If your Teen has several thousand followers she will get bullied’ Mark Zuckerburg, Founder, Facebook.

tokyo Police internet safety for kids, social media profile
Tokyo Police recommend limiting social media profile, friends for safety


Updated May 2021; If you have Kids, Teenagers this will concern you. Facebook who owns Instagram, WhatsApp says their research shows that people who use fake names & profiles are 5 times more likely to bully others.  Kids, Teenagers & others are constantly putting up new fake accounts. Facebook deletes over 2 billion accounts every quarter.

Here is 'The Policeman’s Guide' to happy social media for kids developed by the ‘City of Tokyo Police’ and copied by Police Forces worldwide. It is a simple plan for protecting young kids who love social media. This approach is based on a simple philosophy.


Age 8-10
Age 8-10
Age 11-13
Age 11-13

Snapchat remains the big issue as kids think it's secret, and they can not be discovered, which is ho the case at all, but it takes too long to find them

Tokyo Police

The Police in Tokyo is usually credited for developing a simple online safety profile for everyone, especially for kids. Californian Police officers briefing Schools and Business quickly started saying the same. We really like it, it's easy for Schools, Parents and Teachers to follow.

• Set up the account to Private, not Public
• Limit your Friends. U10s less than 10 friends
• Use of real photograph of yourself
• Use your real name or a known nickname
• A very small group of real friends
• No strangers admitted
• Using your real name, posting real photos promotes honesty
• Communicating securely and privately amongst themselves only.

Snapchat explained for Parents

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Select 1 or 2 years, No of Devices, for complete protection


Real Names Matter

This is important as real friends using their real names don’t bully each other. Kids must use their real names online, when they do they are much more likely, to be honest, and not bully because they can be easily identified. We always make this point, on air. Facebook that fake accounts are five times more likely to bully.  We are frequently asked on air by Radio hosts, that as far as they are concerned using a fake name, is the only way, they are prepared to let their kid online.  They're wrong. 😡

  1. Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp research shows
  2. Fake Accounts bully & troll
  3. To stop this, they take down 2bl accounts every three months
  4. Honesty  Friendship comes from real accounts


The Circle of Trust

Remember meet the Fockers! These changes mean that your child will be only connected to a small circle of real friends. Friends she or he chooses. Showing your real name and a photo improves behaviour. Parents approve new members. Have separate groups for Friends, Schools and Family. That's 3 different social media groups, try not to mix.

Schoolyard bullying has moved online!
 Smart Phones, Dumb Users Online trolling is a huge issue!

Parental Control for Free

There are great options out there now for parents to explore parental control before investing in a paid parental control option
You can install Parental Control without spending a penny
For Apple devices | Use Screentime on iPad, iPhone
For Android Google Family Link (Free)
Explore Parenting options on Android

Read our article on how to use parental control for free

Paid Parental Control, Why bother?

  • Easier to set up, quicker to set up.
  • Help available from the supplier, which is great
  • Limits access to Phones, devices based on age, necessity, preference
  • Limit Gaming time per day. Block & Stop Fortnite at 8 pm.
  • Enable safe Phone, WhatsApp calls
  • Block Snapchat, Fortnite, Instagram, Tiktok, Games
  • From your phone, control what they are using, see what they are
  • From your phone, shut down their internet access

So that's all good. 👍 

Despite TikTok, Snapchat hasn't gone away!

Snapchat remains fiercely popular

Make time for kids

  • No phones at the dinner tables
  • Kids notice that you take your phone/pc/laptop to bed
  • Make time for them, speak to them, put down the phone & look them in the eye. That's Netiquette.
  • Learn NOT to look at your phone every time it beeps
  • Make time for Kids exclusively, no phones, just you and them.

The average adult checks their phone on average 220 times per day. 


Police internet safety for kids, social media profile setting snapchat, TikTok, instagram profile setting
Tokyo Police Snapchat Settings for keeping kids safe today, works

Well-being Issue for kids! Why does this matter?

Social media overuse as every parent knows makes kids (and adults) moody.  Downtime must be encouraged. Kids need a break, exercise, meet and play with friends.

It's important to remember that young kids struggle to tell the difference between truth and lie. Which is what makes Santa Claus (Father Christmas) such fun. Kids believe in him. Just because it says so on a screen, does not make it true.  That's another reason to control kids access to the internet



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