26th March Password Manager Webinar

  • Password MGR Tues March 26th @ 10 AM

Business Password Manager

In Vogue - Password Managers. Why?

Tuesday March 26th Webinar
Keeper Security Credentials & Passwords 

100 User Client explains benefits

Opening remarks from Neil Sinclair, Fmr Secret Service officer, UK GCHQ

Neil Sinclair

Former London's Met Police & secret service officer with GCHQ, Europe's largest intelligence and counterintelligence service. He has been based in Northern Ireland, Colombia and the US. Neil is a leading expert in cyber security.


Running Order

  1. 10 AM Start & short chairman's remarks
  2. 10:03 AM Neil Sinclair, Former Police & Secret service officer
  3. 10:10 AM Brief Panel discussion
  4. 10:15 AM Keeper Demonstration
  5. 10:30 AM Closing Remarks
  6. 10:35 AM The End

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