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Five Great Reasons to get VPN, A Guide to VPN

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Often cited as the best reason anyway to get VPN anywhere, access to the internet anywhere, international content, no more country block. BBC, US Netflix 

Five great reasons you should install that VPN on your phone.

It's a great idea for people to use a VPN on Phones. We've written a five-point guide as to why you should put a VPN on your phone. 

VPN usage is exploding at the moment here are 5 great reasons why need VPN. Firstly the good news is if you have either an iPhone, Android phone it is perfectly easy to set up a VPN on your phone. Here's the science bit 'VPN' stands for 'virtual private network'.


1.  You use public Wi-Fi.

If you use your phone  'out and about' you will certainly be using Train, Cafe and Airport Wi-Fi. This means you don't know who is handling your Internet traffic and because of that, you need to protect your phone Internet connection.

Phones will automatically reconnect to previous Wi-Fi connections, so it's important to have Wi-Fi VPN activated. For example, both the AVG secure product and the Freedome VPN from F-Secure will deal with this. When VPN is activated you'll be safe on anybody else's Wi-Fi and invisible to hackers. Here is why you should not use free VPN from China

2. APP security status is unknown.

Most of us are not Internet security experts, however, we are reasonably certain that our connections to Amazon, our Bank and PayPal are safe. However, this is not the case with lots of other apps that we download and use daily. 

It's a great idea to use a VPN to ensure that the data that passes between your phone and these apps and the Internet is secure. That’s exactly what VPN does. 

3. Country content is blocked.

The most famous feature of VPN and the reason most people buy a VPN is the country content feature. Country content blocking is the feature where a VPN allows you to select which country you're accessing the Internet from. For example, if you are travelling overseas and want to want to watch the BBC, you will need a VPN to do so. Otherwise, the BBC will tell you are not in Britain and not entitled to watch the BBC. 

Freedom VPN from F-Secure for example, allows you to select which country around the world you wish to access the Internet from. So if you want to watch Premier League soccer in the UK on the BBC or US basketball you can do so. In the case of UK soccer you simply select the UK and in the case American basketball you choose the United States

VPN country content blockVPN uses less data internationally.

Here's a great reason to use a VPN. VPN technology reduces the amount of data consumed internationally. So when you're travelling you save money using the VPN because of the encryption technology. Put simply, VPN uses less data than regular plan data. So that's great value and protection as well

5. Overseas APP Restriction

VPN technology will allow you to use apps that are restricted in particular countries. Many games are released and tested in smaller markets such as the Philippines or France.

Mobile gamers will be able to change their Internet access to the Philippines or France to test and try out games before the full worldwide release. Both Roblox and fortnight Chapter 2 has recently been tested in this way. Many Japanese Apps and Games are never released outside Japan and therefore Gamers can have access to these apps as well. Buy Freedome here

So there are five great reasons for using VPN technology on your phone. Be secure online sells both AVG secure and FreedomeVPN from F-Secure. 

With phone users using Banking, Shopping, Amazon online almost daily, it is essential to protect your Phone. 
We've great value VPN at the moment. For example, we have Freedome VPN for a €19.95 for 3 devices


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