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What is Malware and why you need Internet Security Software

What is Malware?

Malware is malicious adware created by cybercriminals in an attempt to harm your computer and access your private information. Once your computer is infected with malware, cybercriminals are able to infiltrate your system – often without you even knowing.

In fact, malware is exactly what its name suggests - mal (bad, malignant or malicious) + ware (short for software).

To avoid malicious adware – internet security software is critical.

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Malware is designed to be hostile, intrusive, and annoying – causing maximum damage to the victim. Most malware waits patiently until you open your bank or a shopping account – from here it attempts to gather your bank account / credit card details, and any additional sensitive details required to defraud you.

It’s important that you double check all small transactions on your account. Cybercriminals rarely take large sums of money straight away, but rather gradually build up to that.

How does malware work?

Malware creators use a variety of methods to spread malware, and infect devices, networks and computers in general.

USB devices are a favourite - making device protection software critical. This software will check the USB prior to running it and report any malicious adware found.

Additionally, some downloads automatically download malicious programmes to your system without your approval or knowledge. These types of downloads are initiated when you visit a malicious website, for example; sports clubs or streaming sites where developers and users are inclined to discount the possibility of a cyberattack.

Moreover, these types of cyberattacks often take control of your device, encrypting files and restricting your access to them.  You will then be asked to make payment if you would like to release your data and gain access to it again – hopefully.


Phishing attacks are another common type of malware delivery. Phishing emails disguised as legitimate messages containing poisonous links or attachments deliver malware to your device without creating any alarm. All you need you to do is click on the link.

Phishing emails are more common than you think, with most of us clicking on links when tired, overworked or rushed. *Currently you can purchase 400 million LinkedIn email addresses for only €500 and without too much effort.

Threat 2.0 - the next level

Malware strains are changing on a constant basis with new evasion and decryption techniques being designed to fool users, IT security administrators and antimalware software. This is done by using web proxies to hide malicious traffic and the sources of different IP addresses.

More sophisticated threats include polymorphic malware which has chameleon like abilities and changes its underlying code to avoid detection from signature-based detection tools.

Furthermore, file-less malware is the latest technique. This type of malware resides in your system’s RAM in order to avoid being discovered. Again this adware lies secretly waiting for you to expose your financial details and personal information.

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In essence, malware is becoming so powerful, inventive and clever that administrators are hard pressed to keep up.

Cybercriminals running powerful computers and operating as businesses in lands far beyond the reach of authorities lends a whole new level of threat to malware and its effectiveness.

AVG Free and other free antiviruses are not enough to protect yourself from cyberthreats – it is vital that you protect yourself and your device with a bought licenced version.

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