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Review of Safety Information in YouTube - Internet Safety Series


Welcome to the sixth in a new series of blog posts here on BeSecureOnline. In this series we take a comprehensive review of the user safety information provided by social networking sites. Each site is scored across five key attributes:

  1. Interest in user wellbeing
  2. Execution
  3. Quality of information
  4. Confidence
  5. International emphasis

In this the sixth instalment of the series we turn our attention to YouTube.

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YouTube is owned by Google and so much of its privacy, safety and help content is shared. As the largest video company in the world, YouTube is very shy about making videos for its own channel. YouTubes Safety efforts are shoddy for a company that should be the outstanding "best practice leader" and "ahead ofthe curve" in everything they do.

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Privacy and Safety Sections

The content is not good, with too much text. The quality and number of links varies and is not well thought out. The fonts are smaller and focused on the legal side and not intended for distressed or upset users seeking redress. The details pages and links need to be reorganised and emphasis plaved on making content more accessible.


The content appears to be a little lazy, despite being reasonably comprehensive. Overall, it's disappointing for the world largest video sharing company.

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YouTube could learn a lot from the others examined. Everything one suspects about monopolies and laziness is on display here.

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