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Why we recommend F Secure SAFE for parental control

Why we recommend F-Secure SAFE for parental controls

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What we like about F-Secure SAFE

  1. Its clean nordic design
  2. It works
  3. It is simple
  4. F Secure has been around since 1988
  5. It is easy to install 

F Secure Safe is a top seller in Scandinavia, Holland, Germany, France. Developed in Finland by F-Secure, 300 million people have bought F Secure SAFE.  They were the first company to identify parental control as a huge issue.

So here is how we control Tiktok, Snapchat, Instagram and Fortnite games on your kid's phone. Check out our great prices here.


app control, block apps on phone for children, parental control for app protection
Blocking content & Apps is easy in F Secure SAFE

Times Limits for Kids. 30 minutes means 30 minutes.

Parents will limit access during weekday and weekend bedtime hours. For macOS and Windows devices, bedtime control thankfully means no access to the device. The effects are different for mobile devices. Let technology help your kids online forming the best habits. 

Bedtime just got a while easier to manage, they can't change it, only you can

Industrial Strength Online Kids Protection

F-Secure blocks access to sites matching any of 15 content categories. On Windows, it filters all browsers. On macOS, it filters Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. Content filtering on mobile devices only affects F-Secure’s built-in browser. 

This is what you want, protected online browsing. A big win for parents, easy to setup. 

F-Secure Safe Surf only and they can't install any other browser or App

Real Protection

  1. Use the console to set up a family
  2. Manage licenses and devices for Kids & Adults
  3. Set up different levels of access and control
  4. Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS devices.
  5. We can do it for you
family console protection in F Secure SAFE, setting up online family protection
Family console protection is easy to set up in F Secure SAFE

Content Filtering

Block Apps disable Installing Apps and now your kids can't install other browsers- So kids are safe, as you have password-protected their safety. Content filtering prevents children from seeing sites or news stories that may upset the kids or be inappropriate. This really works.


Content filterring is perfect for kids online safety
Personalise blocking control for every device in the house individually.

Easy Installation on Apple

Installed on a Mac, F-Secure Safe offers antivirus protection, parental control which is more than most. Apple is famously tight about granting access to Apple code. F Secure SAFE  enforces family rules, providing the child uses the built-in Safe Browser, and parents can use it to get the device’s location.

Installed on Windows, F-Secure Safe looks like the Windows-only F-Secure Internet Security. The only real difference lies in the window title and the presence of a My F-Secure option control button on the left side.


iOS protections for kids online, internet safety for iOs online for kids, kids iphone safety
Blocking content & Apps is easy in F Secure SAFE

Works on Android too!

F Secure SAFE on Android works great!

F Secure sage keeps kids safe on Android, kids safe search on mobile, android kids online protection
Phone safe | Keeping everybody safe on Android


Buy Now

You can buy F Secure SAFE right now if you like, you can it on its own or with our pre-booked online Zoom based expert installation. Making life easy for you. You can buy 1 or 2-year offers, and decide on the number of users you need.  Top Seller is 7 devices. Buy now


BeSecureOnline – Internet Safety for Kids

We are the proud stockists of Bitdefender, Kaspersky and F-Secure SAFE.

Both offer you control over what your child does online, what they can view when they can view and for how long.

F-Secure SAFE allows you to protect your entire family with one subscription and set healthy boundaries for kids' device use.

However, BeSecureOnline offers a range of online packages to suit your budget – allowing you to choose the number of computers and devices you would like to protect.

Visit our online store or contact us for more information.  Internet Tip for keeping kids safe online 

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