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Installing Freedome VPN on iPhone

Here is how you install Freedome VPN on iPhone.

To watch the BBC iPlayer, follow these steps for installing on an iPhone. Apple has changed things up a little on the iPhone. Follow these steps.

Before VPN this is how it looks.. The BBC


Enter Account ID

Download F Secure VPN here.

Don't take the five-day trial. Don't select the option to buy. Don't Log in. Select 'Enter Account ID'. That's it.


 Freedome VPN activation screen for iPhone

Activate your Account

Pop your code from the email in here. That's all you need to do. 

The code will look like this. UIYT-0IOU-POKH.

Wait 5 seconds and Freedome VPN is enabled.


 Activate Freedome VPN on iPhone 

Well Done!

It's done, select the country service you need for example for sky sports go to the UK. For the ITV go the UK. For France Sports, select France.

 Freedome VPN iPhone On


30 years of experience. FREEDOME VPN is ranked among the top VPN online privacy apps by experts. Its simple, elegant interface and fast servers make it an easy choice for staying private.



Are you looking for an easy to use VPN? With FREEDOME VPN, online privacy is simple


When you connect to public Wi‑Fi, FREEDOME VPN encrypts your data so it’s impossible to read.


FREEDOME VPN prevents third parties (like your internet service provider) from tracking you and seeing what you do online.


With FREEDOME VPN, you can hide your IP address for an extra layer of privacy. Plus, choosing an IP location in another country lets you bypass international geo-restrictions

To get the best reception, fastest line, always restart your iPad, PC, iPhone, Phone.


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