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Putting iKydz to the Test. A Parent’s View

iKydz competition winner, Rhoda,road tests iKydz internet parental control. Thumbs up all round

At BeSecureOnline, we've been telling people how good we think iKydz is, but what do users think? 

iKydz Parental Control Software UK

We asked one of our competition winners, Rhoda Mc Donald to give us her iKydz verdict; so we asked her about how easy it is to use and whether she’d recommended it to other parents. Here’s what Rhoda thinks.

How Easy is iKydz to Use?

iKydz is a plug in box that lets parents or guardians control how the internet is used in their home, letting you block content, limit screen time and set controls on how your family uses their online time. How easy is it to set up and use? Rhoda reckoned that claims of iKydz being easy to use, stood up.  Buy iKydz now! Use the orange button. 

“It's so easy to use it's very user friendly and I wouldn't be very good with technology!” 

What About Blocking Inappropriate Content?

One of the things that attracts parents to iKydz is the ability to block inappropriate content, websites or videos. Like every parent, Rhoda lives a very busy life and it can be hectic, especially if your children have different needs. 

She still wants them to enjoy the online world, but also wants to make sure they are protected. Rhoda has a son who loves cars and racing. 

Prior to using iKydz, she found that some of the racing videos would have inappropriate content – it could be hard to predict which video is suitable and which isn’t, the same going for different apps and websites. We asked her how iKydz is working out on that front. 

Rhoda says:

“One of my children has autism and had been watching YouTube videos, especially car racing and there was a lot of cursing going on. With my son’s speech - he repeats a lot, so there was a lot of curse words coming out of him which was not good! With iKydz this had stopped those YouTube videos”.

Rhoda has been able to block all sorts of content, helping her kids enjoy different websites and YouTube videos, knowing that they’re not getting the images or language that no mother wants in the house! 

Other iKydz Features

If the kids are spending too much time online (OK most kids try to spend too much time online), iKydz users have the ability to stop internet access to their devices. This can be done at any time of the day and on more than one device at a time. 

This includes laptops, tablets, phones and internet enabled TVs too. You can also set timers so that you know kids are not on the internet on their phones late into the night.

How Do Kids Feel About iKydz?

If you want a bit of family time, you can let your children know that there are certain times of the day that there will be no internet access. Parents tell us that once children or teenagers get used to it, it becomes a time when families get to talk, do things together or just hang out together, even enjoying each other's company.

Rhoda's kids are young, so they don't really have the skills, yet, to filter out what is right for them online and what they shouldn't be browsing or watching. She knows that her 6yr old can look at appropraite websites and games and she doesn't have to worry. She says:

"I love iKydz. It's such a wonderful idea for any parent with young kids. It's peace of mind and I'm in control of what they can access on the internet".

Rhonda's Reviewers Verdict

We asked Rhoda to give us her overall veredict in a nutshell - and she did!
"I would highly recommend iKydz. An amazing product. Every parent should invest in one".

Buying iKydz...

BesecureOnline are registered distributors of iKydz Wireless Access Control. You can see more about the product on our iKydz Page

You can also buy iKydz in our online shop. 

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