About Us

BeSecureOnline makes sure you are safe online
when using
tablets. PCs. laptops. smartphones.


We want to make sure that people enjoy the internet safely and do so in privacy and free from any threat. We sell and support the best internet software products in the world. We protect you online, that’s why our name says BeSecureOnline.co.uk.

About Us

We have already won plaudits from customer’s for first rate customer service, eBooks, promotions, advice and videos.  We pride ourselves on our friendly, informative, fun, non-technical approach. We know most people just want to use their phones, surf and use their favourite apps. We realise that you have loads of choice in internet security provider but we hope that you will appreciate our friendly style. 

We spent 2 years and scouted the market to review the market to find the best award winning products to make sure you are safe online. Anti Virus, Malware, Parental Control Software. We have chosen to partner with Finnish Internet Superstar F-Secure, authors of the best selling F-Secure SAFE product.

Our Partners

We proudly support Barnardos in their work

  • Barnardos works to support some of Ireland’s most vulnerable children helping to break the cycles of poverty and disadvantage to give families across the country better opportunities and prospects.

  • Established in 1962, Barnardos spends 88% of funds raised directly on their work with children.

  • We chose Barnardos as our charity partner as we believe in the quality of their care and their support of children.

  • Barnardos would not be able to work with so many children and families without the great support of the public. So let’s give back to charity together, BeSecureOnline will donate €5 from your purchase to Barnardos and we would like to tell everyone about it on Facebook. We’re glad to help and we hope you will be too. 


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