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How to protect your kids online

Graham Mulhern, dares to claim, on behalf of parents everywhere, that we have an obligation to protect our kids' online safety. 

Written in a colloquial style, this easy-to-read ebook, is a guide that draws on years of experience, and countless interactions with parents, teachers and kids.

Graham provides practical advice grounded by age-related, developmental behaviour that seeks to help parents foster healthy, safe social and family interactions with their kids.

Against a backdrop of the very real risks that modern kids face from social media, we need to teach kids the new safety rules for digital.

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What Readers Say

James Mc Loughlin. US Review from Amazon 5 star rated
How to Keep your child and yourself safe. The importance of this cannot be more important in todays tech world. We are at its mercy if we do not take care and this book certainly helps. I would recommend it for all families that want to keep their children safe in this digital world. I have no doubt the stories in it are true and scary. We are all vulnerable if we are not careful. I would give this book 10 out of 10.

Mark Mulhern, 5 star on Amazon, NY, USA
Enjoyed the book. Gave me practical advice on how to manage the kids’ digital usage (as well as my own !).Book is useful for parents and educators. Worth referring back to.

Tony Burke, Wicklow, Ireland
Its great so much to consider

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