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Microphone Blocker

Potects you simply & effectively against audio hacks. Shuts down the listening part of your phone jack, microphone

The  blockers fit any standard 3.5 MM audio input.

Once Mic Lock plugged in, the audio input is deactivated and muted. Whether you're using a smartphone, tablet or notebook. 

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November 04 2020
Verified Purchase
US Cutomer
Name not shown. Oct 2020

The USB Defender is a great product! Works perfectly. The product has value on multiple fronts. First, if you are travelling and need to charge your phone in a hotel or use public USB ports (kiosks), you run the risk of malware infection, data & identity theft - and don't think this isn't a real problem. The USB Defender protects devices from this type of exposure. The other great benefit is when USB charging a phone while connected to a pc/laptop.

If you have a friend that needs to charge their phone, how can you be sure the phone is malware-free? With this USB Defender device, you remain protected. Not only can you protect yourself from hackers while charging your phone, but also letting people charge their phone on your equipment keeps you protected!

The product works as advertised, and is sold at a great value. At such a reasonable price, I plan on purchasing more of these USB Defenders to keep with my various products. A truly great product. I highly recommend it.
November 04 2020
Erfüllt seinen Zweck - was will man mehr sagen
Reviewed in Germany
Erfüllt seinen Zweck genau wie in der Beschreibung erklärt - und auch genauso simpel. Einfach reinstecken und fertig, klappt sofort. Bei dem Preis echt unschlagbar.
November 04 2020
A nice way to add extra privacy to your webcam on computer. They are quick and easy to install and stick well in place. If you change your mind, they are also easy to remove. They are thin enough that it does not interfere with closing my Macbook Pro.

I really like the extra privacy of being sure that my camera is not showing when I join a zoom call. Instead of relying on the digital buttons to turn camera on/off I can do it manually by sliding the cover over my camera, which is quicker and more reliable.

They come in fairly basic packaging with a sticker covering part of the instructions, but it doesn't much matter since they are a great price and are easy to install.
Verified Purchaser
Tony Bellew, NY NY
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