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Why buy iKydz WiFi controller

iKydz Parental Internet Control
Recommended by The Irish Times and The Guardian as 

'Perfect for parents'.

  • Block access to one or more devices
  • Block Adult or inappropriate content
  • Restrict access to certain apps or websites
  • Time limits for kids, Tweens & Teenagers
  • Monitor kids usage online. 

Buy Now Orange Button - incl. VAT & delivery €99 Free Shipping UK and Ireland

iKydz is €99. No delivery charge until Feb 28th, 2018

Plug in IKydz, Takes just 5 minutes to set up and use

Here's why you buy iKydz

Ryan from Limerick with his new iKydz deviceRyan from Limerick with his new iKydz wifi controller


Ryan loves Liverpool FC.

So "iKydz" blocks all Man Utd goals!


Keeping Liverpool Fans safe. No more Man Utd, No Jose, Absolutely no Zlatan.  #King Kenny 


You'll never surf alone.  
 iKydz blocks everything his Mum & Dad don't want him to see especially Man Utd goals. #Coutinho #Boom


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