F-Secure SAFE

SAFE Parental control – The best protection for your kids phones, devices.

  • Instals in minutes, runs on all devices
  • The Best Internet Security on All Your Devices
  • Protect yourself against malware, scams and viruses
  • Put time lock on devices
  • Made by award winning vendor F-Secure
  • Lock your phone if lost or stolen

Award-winning technologies in one unified security platform for everything.

BeSecureOnline – Protecting your family online

  • We will only work with the best and F-Secure have been protecting people since 1988

  • At BeSecureOnline we make it easy for use to select the best choice to protect your family, kids, parents

  • Call +353(0)1 908 1500 during the day if you need help or want to book a talk

  • We are available for Media interviews, Internet talks for Business and Schools

Buy SAFE now

Find your Kids / Teenagers anytime
Got your Phone? Find them in 30 seconds

Find your Daughter, Phone, PC

No, you are not in Granny's house, you are in John's, get home now and do your schoolwork


Find your Phone, iPad, PC, Tablet
Find it 30 seconds

Find your Daughter, Phone, PC,

Peace of mind from £45 quid

F Secure SAFE - Keeping your family SAFE, secure

Protecting your money

Throttles all connections online when you are banking or paying someone. No other traffic is permitted including Phishing malware

Full browsing protection,              SAFE searching

Age appropriate setting with full controls over what people / kids see on any device. No Adults, Gambling, Illegal Downloads to mobiles etc.

Worlds Best Antivirus

Best Anti Virus in the world. Tested in Germany, AV Test. 4 years straight.

As a busy working Mum, I control what my youngest boys can see online, I know where my teenagers are and SAFE keeps our smartphones and computers safe using the Anti Virus, Banking, Shopping protection. Delighted with SAFE

Olive Garde Dublin, Ireland

Really happy I switched over to F Secure from Norton. BeSecureOnline gave me Great customer service, one product, one subscription protecting all my devices keeping me, my email, online details private. Job Done!

Mark Mulhern Snr Advertising Exec, New York City

More Protection

New Control Centre Portal
Improved iOS, Android features
Improved Anti Theft & Phone Finder


Windows 10

Windows 10 , 8.1, 8, 7,
Vista (Service Pack 2 or newer),
XP (32-bit, Service Pack 3 or newer).


MacBooks are not invincible.
Scanning keeps Macbooks clean & safe. OSX versions 10.11 (El Capitan), 10.10 (Yosemite), 10.9 (Mavericks), 10.8 (Mountain Lion)


Parental Control

Control their online access & permissions either on their device or from your PC. Bedtime switch off, Studies, etc

Get SAFE now

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Best Antivirus in the world

Four years straight 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015

AV TEST, Germany/February 2015

  • Protect your family online

    Watch the video

    You can now protect your whole family's online activity with a single service.

    SAFE gives you multi-device Internet security for your PC, Mac, smartphone and tablet.


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