BitDefender Total Security

BITDEFENDER Total Security 

  • New for 2019: Windows, macOS, Android and iOS
  • Ransomware protection with ransomware technology : NEW
  • Network Threat Prevention: Block all threats: NEW
  • Parental Control Software stepped up IMPROVED
  • 24/7 Total Assistance - from installation to usage.

We've got BitDefender 2019 Total Security at amazing prices, real licenses, sourced from BitDefender directly. Real online security for less money.

Bitdefender Anti Virus
Bitdefender Total Best prices
Bitdefender Total Security 2019
Bitdefender Total Security 2019


500 million users BITDEFENDER Total Security 2019

BitDefender, 6 years straight PC Magazine Editors Choice!

Very limited stock at these prices, UK originated Licenses!


  • Gives you the ability to you decide on the amount of time your children are allowed online
  • Runs Windows, macOS, Android and iOS, so you can monitor what they are doing
  • SAFE browsing - Blocks inappropriate content.
  • Allows you to block phone numbers and restrict phone usage (no texting, messages or online usage) when kids need to study or do homework.
  • GEO locates kids using GPS technology - Great peace of mind - Find out exactly where your kids are without having to ask them.

SAFE check tells you they're home - Can't do any better.

Parental Control - Here's how to set it up!


  1. Buy BitDefender now 
  2. Receive email from us with license - Click on site  
  3. Answer some multiple choice questions about your preferences
  4. Imput key from BeSecureOnline, then download onto your devices 
  5. Parental Control and other preferences already activated - Start using
  6. Hate tech, We will do it for you, select ‘Install it for me'
  7. That's it. 

Anti Virus, Anti Malware, Anti Ransonware.

BitDefender consistently scores best protection in malware detection tests run by independent labs.

  • Complete Real-Time Data Protection
  • Advanced Threat Defense
  • Multi-Layer Ransomware Protection
  • Web Attack Prevention
  • Anti-Phishing
  • Anti-Fraud
  • Safe Files
  • Rescue Mode

You want to buy, what happens next? You want to install it - but how?

1. Buy BitDefender now 
2. Receive email from us with license - Click on site  
3. Answer some multiple choice questions about your preferences
4. Imput key from BeSecureOnline, then download onto your devices 
5. Parental is already activated - No more work   Start using
6. Want to buy, hate tech,  We'll install it all for you 
7. You are happy, it works, we’ll see you again next year

Doesn't slow down Phone or Computer

BitDefender security software offers optimised speed and the best cross-platform performance.

  • Autopilot
  • Bitdefender Photon™
  • Global Protective Network
  • Game, Movie and Work Modes
  • Battery Mode

BitDefender doesn't leak your information

BitDefender complete protection takes care of your online privacy and personal information.

  • Bitdefender VPN
  • Webcam Protection
  • File Encryption
  • Safe Online Banking
  • Parental Control Software
  • Privacy Firewall
  • Wi-Fi Security Advisor
  • Social Network Protection
  • Password Manager
  • File Shredder
  • Vulnerability Assessment


BeSecureOnline - BitDefender Antivirus & Internet Security

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75% of us, don't care about our personal internet safety


Former Metropolitan Police Commissioner, Sir Bernard Hogan Howe really annoyed the Prime Minister, Theresa May, when she was Home Secretary. She agreed with his stance on cyber crime, but not the way he went about it. He suggested Police would be slow to investigate online security crimes where the individuals failed to take online protection seriously especially having an 'upto date' anti virus. He openly backed banks, credit card providers doing the same, not refunding customers losses. She disliked the way he went about it, she's not so so keen on the other guy in the photo below either. 


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Internet Safety Tips for Kids - Keeping Kids Safe Online


At BeSecureOnline, we believe that knowledge is power and by informing both yourself and your children of the dangers of the internet – you can help make the internet a safer place.

Internet safety for kids is at the heart of our business. We provide internet safety talks for kids and teens year round and have developed a realistic, fun approach to addressing issues and the dangers the internet often presents.

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Internet Safety win over Instagram


Is it possible that the internet is being taken back by a silent majority who is finally making its voice heard, expressing its dismay about internet safety and the shocking content found on some platforms.

Following some menacing threats from the British Government, Health Secretary Matt Hancock pressured Facebook into announcing that Instagram would intervene and take down self-harm content. 

Is this the start of something big or simply a cynical defense move?

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SnapChat Safety Guidelines – What parents need to know.


Before we dive into our safety guidelines – we’ll briefly explain what SnapChat is and how it works. Don’t worry most parents haven’t the faintest idea what or how it works.

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