What is F-Secure Freedome? – Your Own Virtual Private Network

FreedomeVPN blocks hackers, malicious websites & useless apps! Browse safely, even on public wifi networks Watch BBC iPlayer anywhere in the world – perfect for catching up on TV, news or sport. 


Warning  Never use your phone on a public free to air Wi Fi network. VPN Explained watch

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Freedome VPN from

Streaming Football on the Internet - This is what your kids see halftime. Adult content Gaming & Betting. VPN protects 

Why real people love 
FreedomeVPN. Here's Ann Marie

living in West Africa 

  • Lives in West Ghana, West Africa but is a canny Scot
  • Wants to watch BBC, ITV & UK Netflix in Ghana
  • Free VPN services didn't work
  • Being a Scot, loves a great deal.
  • Installed on Phone, laptop and office Desktop

  • Ann Marie McDonald
    I'm from Scotland living in Ghana,West Africa. Like a canny Scot, I love 'Free' stuff but free VPN didn't work to watch BBC, ITV & UK Netflix. So I bought FreedomeVPN,

    Works on Skinny Wi-Fi - Nice
    West African Wi-Fi isn't always great or reliable. Ann Marie says that FreedomeVPN is far more reliable than the free VPN's. She's delighted

    Ann Marie McDonald from Perth, Scotland.  
    Living, working in Ghana, misses BBC and ITV




    It's truly shocking how easy for people to steal your private information off your phone

    Your phone is a 10 foot foot neon sign 

    telling the world all about you!

  • UK Govt - Nearly 50% of 18-24 yr olds don't use Social Media
  • And it's 34% for the 25-34 year olds - 
  • Doesn't it make sense to hide your searches, phone from criminals
  • Why are we so casual about using free Wi-Fi?
  • Solid internet protection, anonymous searching.

    Your Phone is the most dangerous thing you own.
     In a Coffee shop, Airport? On the Tube, Dart using Wi-Fi, that's when FreedomeVPN is shielding your data from criminals 


    Some times the criminal doesn't even have to try
    3-5% of all passwords are '123456' or '234567'. Thats a lot of easy hacking. 
    Info source is FBI 

    Overseas? Can’t Watch BBC, Sky Sports or view Your Usual Websites?

    Now you can! With Freedome VPN lets you watch all the content you would at home. Just another great feature of your own VPN. Browse safely. 

    Protect Your Privacy & watch all your favourite shows online, no matter where in the world you are.


    F-Secure Freedome is easy to instal and simple to use. Never miss out on that sporting occasion, new season TV or the soaps, with your own secure VPN. 

    Choose your FreedomeVPN here.

    Why real people love 
    FreedomeVPN. John Mooney

    from Dublin tells us more.


  • I wanted to make sure that I shielded my details from Wi Fi.
  • I want to make sure that my family is safe online.
  • It runs on my Galaxy phone and everything else.
  • For protection and peace of mind, it's great value.
  • Google and others can't track me so easily now, Love that.

  • John likes
    his privacy.
    Watching Channel 4 one night they showed two 15 years olds lifting people's data in a coffee shop in 30 seconds. E-Mail, Bank, Facebook passwords, Bank codes. I was stunned. They said buy a VPN.

    Overseas Travel
     'It shields Banking, e-mail, my company network. Honestly my view is, if you're not using VPN, you're in danger of being hacked or being robbed. 

    John Mooney, Dublin, protects his e-mails, banking, surfing
    'With growing online crime, hacking, why aren't more people using this?'

    • Protect your privacy online

      Freedome is a simple but powerful online privacy and security app

      Surf the web untracked and anonymously and don't sacrifice your privacy online

    Cybercrime destroys lives 

    Protect your Money and Identity

    Cybercrime is everywhere, usually way beyond the law! Browse safely, even on public wifi networks. This poignant video explains how a young woman from New York lost control of her life after being hacked. This could happen to you.  

    Warning  Never use your phone on a public free to air Wi Fi network.

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    Cyber crime Victim Michelle from NYC explains life changing hacking & identity theft. 1 in 10 a year suffer hack

    We’ve gathered the most sophisticated online privacy features: VPN encryption, anti-tracking, safe browsing, WI-FI security and app security – all into a one-touch easy to use interface.

    What's Great about FreedomeVPN?


    FreedomeVPN-Anti Tracking   FreedomeVPN-Anti Tracking  FreedomeVPN-Anti Tracking

    Facebook, Google, SnapChat, Amazon spy on everything you do online, then sell those details to Advertisers. Stop them with FreedomeVPN.

    Anti-tracking technology

    Freedome uses anti-tracking technology to prevent
    personalised online tracking attempts and individual profiling when surfing the web -
    tracking protection removes all cookies leaving no browsing trace.


    Android App security

    Freedome for Android protects users
    against harmful apps leaking your data with Freedome's App Security feature.

    Always get the best deals when shopping online

    Freedome masks your virtual location and removes tracking cookies
    which means you'll always see the best online deals simply by changing your virtual location.

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