What is F-Secure Freedome? – Your Own Virtual Private Network

F-Secure FreedomeVPN gives you complete privacy, blocks hackers, malicious websites & useless apps! Browse safely, even on public wifi networks Change your virtual location to view sites not available in your current location – perfect for catching up on TV, news or sport.


Warning  Never use your phone on a public free to air Wi Fi network. Video Explains VPN

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Overseas? Can’t Watch BBC, Sky Sports or view Your Usual Websites?

Now you can! With Freedome VPN lets you watch all the content you would at home. Just another great feature of your own VPN. Browse safely. 

Protect Your Privacy & watch all your favourite shows online, no matter where in the world you are.


F-Secure Freedome is easy to instal and simple to use. Never miss out on that sporting occasion, new season TV or the soaps, with your own secure VPN. 

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  • Protect your privacy online

    Freedome is a simple but powerful online privacy and security app

    Surf the web untracked and anonymously and don't sacrifice your privacy online

We’ve gathered the most sophisticated online privacy features: VPN encryption, anti-tracking, safe browsing, WI-FI security and app security – all into a one-touch easy to use interface.

iPhone, Android, Windows Phones don't protect you

FreedomeVPN built-in Safe Browsing protecting you from phishing attempts and harmful sites while surfing the web. Protect 3 devices from €43

FreedomeVPN        FreedomeVPN


What's Great about FreedomeVPN?


FreedomeVPN-Anti Tracking   FreedomeVPN-Anti Tracking  FreedomeVPN-Anti Tracking

Facebook, Google, SnapChat, Amazon spy on everything you do online, then sell those details to Advertisers. Stop them with FreedomeVPN.

Anti-tracking technology

Freedome uses anti-tracking technology to prevent
personalised online tracking attempts and individual profiling when surfing the web -
tracking protection removes all cookies leaving no browsing trace.


Android App security

Freedome for Android protects users
against harmful apps leaking your data with Freedome's App Security feature.

Always get the best deals when shopping online

Freedome masks your virtual location and removes tracking cookies
which means you'll always see the best online deals simply by changing your virtual location.


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