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School Speakers, Online Bullying, Sexting, Social Media 

  • UK's NSPCC - School Heads - Sexting is biggest issue 
  • More so than Obesity, Drugs etc,
  • Kids as young as 4/5 using the internet daily
  • How Snap, Instagram, Google use their personal data
  • Very Plain speaking for older Teenagers
  • Social Media, Internet Safety.

    Snapchat iKing
    Our Studies show that Snapchat is the most popular.  Instagram is next. These two are clear leaders. Instagram is owned by Facebook


    Excellent Speakers, very effective
     The talks were very effective indeed. Helen Scanlon, Mount Sackville Secondary, Dublin 20

    Anna Lynch, Teacher & Transition Year students 
    Virgina College, Virginia, Co Cavan.

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    Booking Enquiry

    We speak to Teachers, Parents, Teenagers, Tweens & Kids. Primary schools, don't forget 3rd & 4th class.

    Call us on 01-908-1588. Email us Booking Enquiry

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    Internet Safety Talks

    First years with Hurls, St Kierans College, enjoying the Cyber safety talks

    References & Testimonials.

    Rebecca Loughnane, St Kierans College, KILKENNY  

    Many thanks for visiting our school today. The students really benefited from your presentation. It was very well presented and extremely interactive. The examples you used were relevant to students lives today.
    Thanks again

    October 2017

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    Primary Schools Talks for everyone, Kids, Teachers & Parents Groups

    3rd & 4th Class

    • YouTube ‘restricted mode’ "On"
    • Rules for YouTube, Instagram & Snapchat
    • Are you surfing net alone at home? - Advise around that.
    • Explore, Advise, Guidance
    • Snapchat takes over as kids hit 11/12
    • Lots & Lots of questions naturally

    Our figures are based on 2017 classroom surveys Instagram is very popular with 8-10 year old kids, most kids familiar with basic safety rules.

    5th & 6th Class

    • Instagram, Snapchat, Do you have Account? How many?
    • The importance of being nice online
    • Privacy settings, Have they confirmed these settings
    • Bullying, online behaviour, What to do when bullied
    • Most will have access to device, stress importance of parents, schools
    • Don't make yourself vulnerable, Block, Delete, Friend carefully No Proxy accounts


    Internet Safety talks, Camolin NS, Co Wexford
    Camolin NS, Co. Wexford. Internet Safety Talk, June 2017

    Internet Safety talks, Camolin NS, Co Wexford
    Kilgallan NS, Co. Cavan. Safety Talk, Nov 2017

    Internet Safety Talks

    Yaae, Aisling, Emily, Kelly, Aoife, Sarah  - TYs 4A/5
    St Joeseph's College, Lucan, Co Dublin

    Internet Safety Talks


    Internet Safety Talks

    References & Testimonials.

    I would highly recommend Graham Mulhern & his BeSecureOnline Team speakers for schools on internet safety. The topics addressed were very apt and useful and our students learned things they weren't aware of about the use of social media, privacy settings and about cyber-bullying and data sharing,
    Helen Scanlon, Mount Sackville Secondary, Dublin 20

    Spoke to our 4th & 5th years, very effective, great communicator, strong messaging, knew how to handle know it all Teenagers. Many were shocked by the real power of the internet. 
    Presentation Secondary, Wexford, Co Wexford

    Delighted to have Graham visit our school to consolidate our work done for Safer Internet Day and our own Safer Internet Week.

    His key term "online reputation" is of utmost importance in this day and age and children are never too young to be aware of this.  We have used it on many occasions since his visit.

    Graham held the children's interest throughout and fully answered any questions they had. His manner was easy going and he involved the pupils in his presentation keeping it age appropriate at all times. 

    Ailish Malone, Thornleigh ETNS
    Swords Co Dublin

    Senior Schools –We'll talk to all years, SNAs, Teachers & Parents

    1st & 2nd Year

    • Bullying, Snapchat, Sarahah, Snapmaps, etc
    • People who use their real names, bully less, Fact
    • Some home truths about the internet.
    • Explore, Advise, Guidance
    • Some hard hitting relevant consequences about social media
    • Sexting when permitted by school

    3rd & 4th Year

    • Can be the most difficult groups
    • Sexting, Dating Apps, Privacy settings
    • Speak to them as young adults and consequences
    • Simple contextual real life examples of social media

    5th & 6th Year

    • Developing your Online Reputation and it's importance
    • Some hard hitting 'frank' talking
    • Data privacy, Protecting yourself online
    • Sexting and real examples of the consequences
    • It's time to change posting habits and grow up

    St BrendansCS, Birr, Co. Offaly, internet safety talk
    St BrendansCS, Birr, Co. Offaly, Nov 2017


    Visited Pres Wexford for international book day
    Pippi Longstockings, international book day, same day as our talk

    Call 01 908 1588 Safety Talks

    Bobby Kerr interviews Graham Mulhern
    Newstalk Radio,



    We're interviewed frequently on Radio

  • BBC, Newstalk, Corks 96FM, 98FM, 
  • Online Bullying, Sexting, Social Media, Cyber Threat
  • Building a better online reputation
  • Radio Interviews :> Listen back 

    Radio Interviews
     Listen back to some of the topics discussed on Radio. Cyber threats, Social Media Sexting, Bullying, Internet security. Listen back



    Excellent Speakers, very effective
     The talks were very effective indeed. Helen Scanlon, Mount Sackville Secondary, Dublin 20


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