iKydz - What is iKydz?

iKydz Wi Fi Parental Control 

At last something that controls the internet in your home easily. Blocks content, limits social media


Age appropriate 

Set access and content levels for Under 11's, under 16's. Set Social Media like SnapChat for 90 minutes a day for example. Shut down access for Bedtime

Instals in 10 minutes

It's easy to instal, plugs into your home router, download App onto your Phone. Then take control back in your own home.

iKydz  - How to instal iKydz


Installing iKydz - It's easy

Open Box, Plug in, start & download App onto Phone- All takes 10 minutes

 iKydz - 5 mins iKydz startup 

This 5 minutes Video shows you how to instal the iKydz product from scratch

It's really that simple

People always say how easy it is to install. Problems just call iKydz directly for assistance. It's free to call

F Secure SAFE - Keeping your family SAFE, secure

Protecting your money

Throttles all connections online when you are banking or paying someone. No other traffic is permitted including Phishing malware

Full browsing protection,              SAFE searching

Age appropriate setting with full controls over what people / kids see on any device. No Adults, Gambling, Illegal Downloads to mobiles etc.

Worlds Best Antivirus

Best Anti Virus in the world. Tested in Germany, AV Test. 4 years straight.

F Secure SAFE - Keeping your family SAFE, secure

Identity Theft

Protect yourself, your identity & money Full Banking, Shopping, Social Media, E-Mail & Password protection

Lost Your Phone

Locate your Phone, Lock you Phone, Wipe your Phone

Incredible Piece of Mind

Find your Kids, Teenager or just your Phone

FREEDOME VPN - Your Security service in an online world

Browsing Protection

Protects you from bad sites, containing malware

Completely Private Search

FreedomeVPN does not store details of sites visited unlike Google, Yahoo. And does not sell these details because they aren't stored

Watch BBC iPlayer                        anywhere

Access favourite content from anywhere. BBC iPlayer from abroad. It's called Geo spoofing - you are in Spain but your computer says you are in London

FREEDOME VPN - A Berlin Wall for your Phone

Ad Tracking

FreedomeVPN tracks the advertising trackers that follow you around the internet. FT, Daily Mail, New York Times, see how they make their money selling you

Open Air Wi-Fi

Out and About? Huge numbers of people use the computers and devices whilst out. If you are out and about, so is your data. Using free open air Wi Fi, FreedomeVPN disguises your internet traffic by encrypting it

Coffeeshop Wi-Fi

When you use free Wi-Fi, the whole world can see your data. Your emails, Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat and Banking details. The girl in the corner could be stealing your details, accessing your bank. Don’t be fooled its kids play.

F Secure SAFE - Age appropiate browsing

Protecting your family

Setting preferences for surfing and browsing. See how easy it is.

Age Appropriate Control

Set once and control forever, works on all devices.

It’s easy to use

Beautifully designed, easy to use, quick to install, up and running in 10 minues. Best online family protection

FREEDOME VPN - Eastenders, Corrie, Faircity blocked?

Freedome VPN

One click, 5 seconds relax and enjoy your favourite show.

Online Protection

Protects your Online life out and about on all devices

Public Wi-Fi

Keeps your details private, email, banking, shopping, payment details.

F Secure SAFE - Keeping your family SAFE, secure

SAFE Age-based surfing

No Adult content, No Violence, No Internet baddies.

SAFE Image Searching

It even works for images. Google Image Search is SAFE. We know, we tried it & it works

Worlds Best Antivirus

Best Anti Virus in the world. Tested in Germany, AV Test. 4 years straight.

Best Antivirus in the world

Four years straight 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015

AV TEST, Germany/February 2015


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