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WebCam Cover

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Prevent WebCam-Hacking

Your webcam can be hacked within minutes. The good news is all you need is a WebCam Cover and efficient Internet Security Software to ensure your online safety.
A solid hardware solution, as well as a Webcam Cover, offers the most effective online protection for the cameras of laptops, smartphones and desktops.

Protect your Privacy

Protect your privacy with this simple, effective and affordable solution.
Once attached to your webcam, you decide with only one slide whether the cover is active or not.
The material does not affect the performance of your camera and will not leave any scratches on your devices.
Not only is the webcam cover an effective anti-spy protection, but it also prevents the lens of your camera from getting scratched or damaged.

Perfect for any device

Webcam Covers are designed to fit any common device - and do not affect camera or device functionality.
WebCam covers are only 1 mm - even Notebooks close easily without any issues.
Additionally, WebCam cover is self-adhesive and available in white and black.
In particular, the cover fits all Apple products, such as iPhone, iPad, MacBook and iMac, as well as all laptops, tablets and smartphones from other brands.

Whether it's a desktop, notebook, tablet or smartphone, you now have control over your webcam at any time. 

Reviews (5)

June 06 2020
Need to take time when peeling the backing off to prevent glue lifting - roll backing off, don't lift it off.

Panda encourages kids to use them;
Very small profile;
Slider stays in place over camera;
Delivery and packaging good;
Feels like the glue is substantial;
Verified Customer
Peter Blake Brennan
April 07 2020
Very functional and great service
The stickers are very functional and look good. I got white ones, Aside from this the service is really good, loved the beautiful thank you card I got with my package. Better than any Amazon product delivery service!
Verified Customer, UK,
Tony Barber, Norwich
April 07 2020
Can't rip it off well done, slow delivery maybe down COVID19
Myles Barr, Scotsdale, Az.
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