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Thoroughly informative, one of the best Speakers we've ever invited. We are passing this advise through to staff and players alike. Booked to give a presentation to our World Cup squad this summer.
The Football Association, Wembley.

Feedback was great -  Natasha Drew, Blackrock College, Co Dublin. 

2nd Yr Student - Blackrock College

Hi Ms.Drew
Graham Mulhern's talk was very insightful and applicable. He gave us a great talk on Cyber Awareness/Etiquette and how to handle ourselves in our online lives and on social media. He knew what he was talking about and really engaged the crowd. It was an overall great talk. 2nd year Student review.
Via Email from Natasha Drew, Guidance Officer

BeSecureOnline provide expert speakers on the subject of online safety and security. We are all vulnerable to the pace of change caused by technology, and increased awareness and education are vital to equipping citizens for the future that is here today.

We guarantee a memorable and insightful audience engagement on the crucial questions that confront us daily in dealing with app technology, social media and communications in our brave, new, digital world.

Online privacy, reputation management, fraud, cyberbullying, sexting, data protection and blackmail, and how to handle these issues and others like them, are dealt with sensitively and appropriately.

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Rebecca Evans, Coláiste Clavin, Longwood, LMETB

Rebecca Evans, Guidance Officer

Thanks again for the talks, they were extremely well received and I just discovered today it led to a student making a disclosure which Tusla and the Gardaí are now dealing with so delighted with the positive outcome, as are parents.